If you identify as a woman and live in Revelstoke BC your world just got so much radder and let us tell you why. Drumroll please, introducing Ascent Mentorship! Ascent Mentorship is bridging the gap between the most badass female ACMG’s in the country and brand new backcountry users – and the in-betweens. This cultural shift is sure to aid in better communication, more educated backcountry uses and ideally less ego and more smiles on the skin track.


Founder, “Emily Wright is one humble cookie,” says our editor, Abby Cooper. The two have been friends for a few years and Abby weighs in.

“Emily is a go-getter. But not the kind that does things to rub them in your face, she’s probably the most well-intentioned, humble and downright gracious go-getter I know. Emily is more of a silent stoker, a yes woman and extremely level headed. Her ambitious drive and easy-going attitude make her the perfect person to spearhead this project. Emily is an absolute powerhouse and with Ascent Mentorship as her brainchild, it is going to thrive. I know she has an awesome crew helping her rev things up including Leslie Hogg, Robyn Goldsmith and Breeana Hartley. She also has some incredible athletes and guides signed up for the first year – but that’s her news to share not mine.” – Abby Cooper

Emily Wright sneaking in a steep backyard lap at Revelstoke Mountain Resort.


A new non-profit society dedicated to pairing females into season-long mentorships in backcountry skiing and snowboarding has launched in Revelstoke, BC. In an effort to reduce barriers to entry for women in the backcountry, Ascent Mentorships will be pairing up to 40 women in the Revelstoke area together for a five-month-long mentorship for the 2020.21 winter season. They hope to increase confidence among women in the region and create a supportive and encouraging environment for women to strengthen their skills. 

Ascent Mentorship, photo by Abby Cooper.

With their support and blessing, the new society is modelled off of a very successful, existing program operating in the Sea to Sky called Mountain Mentors. Ascent Mentorships will be funded through grants, donations and are currently looking for sponsors who would be interested in helping to build a larger community of female backcountry users. Sponsorship opportunities can be found here.

“After about 200 responses to a survey in the community, it was clear that there was a lot of interest in a program like this,” says Emily Wright, founder of Ascent Mentorships, “All of the feedback that we received from the survey really accentuated the motivating factors for wanting to create Ascent Mentorships.”

For those looking to get involved for the 2020.21 season, applications for both mentors and mentees will open early September. For more information on the program itself click here.

Goal setting: what do you want to learn this winter? Photo by Abby Cooper.

About Ascent Mentorships Society
Ascent Mentorships is a registered non-profit society dedicated to pairing women into season-long mentorship relationships in backcountry skiing and snowboarding. Our goal is to reduce commonly-observed barriers to entry for women in the backcountry touring space within the Revelstoke, BC area. We hope to increase confidence among women in our region and create a supportive and encouraging environment for women to strengthen their skills. For more information visit their website or Facebook

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