With a personality as unique as his skiing, Charles Grant has been the skier to watch for some time now. A good ol’ Ontario boy, Grant has shown off his fine form everywhere from the handrails of downtown Ottawa to the Mt. Baker backcountry to the podium at Blue Mountain’s Telus Triple Challenge.

    A day with Grant is usually packed full of more fun than a birthday party at Chucky Cheese’s. Whether it’s antics in restaurants or grocery stores that would make a librarian pee her pants, or his rock-hard determination to grease any urban rail put in front of him, Grant’s infectious laugh and mischievous ways have made him well-loved by his peers, sponsors and anyone who has the pleasure of being around him. 

Age: 22

Specialty: Freestyle

Current ski area: Blue Mountain, ON

Origins: Horseshoe Valley, ON

Sponsors: Atomic, Rip Curl, Carrera

Role models: Charley Ager

Film parts: PNW, Photo Play

Comp results: Third, slopestyle, 2007 Triple Challenge

Accomplices: Joe Schuster, Justin Dorey, Charley Ager, Josh Stack, Matt Beregy