“Ski” is literally in this kids name, it would be rude if he wasn’t a skier am I right?! Well, have no fear Chase Ujejski is absolutely crushing it. Already skiing across the globe, this 18-year-old has some serious accomplishments and destinations under his belt. Let’s dive into his story, shall we?


He’s lived and skied in California, Alberta, Quebec, and BC. He’s also lived on the island of Mauritius, Africa. Learning to ski at age two, Chase Ujejski’s parents granted him the greatest gift, skiing. 16 years deep into his number one passion, he has devoted 7 years to freestyle skiing specifically. Chase isn’t on a team you’ve heard of, rather he recognized his specific goals and approach to skiing and hired a private coach (Graham Pollock) with a few other like-minded athletes – thinking outside the box, we likey.

Introducing this happy skier guy, Chase Ujejski.


Age: 18
Current Location: Whistler, BC
Sponsors: Faction, Smith, Saxx, and TMC Freeriderz.
Best Trick: “Not sure about my best trick but I just learned switch dub 12 and 14, which I’m stoked about.”
Accomplishments: 5th at Waterville Noram, 4th at Yukon COT and SLVSH Games.


“I definitely think growing up skiing in different places helped me become a better and more well-rounded skier.”

– Chase Ujejski

“My first time skiing was at Mammoth Mountain when I was 2 years old before I moved out of the states. The last couple years, I’ve traveled there for contests and it’s definitely one of my favorite places. The vibes are always so high.” – Chase Ujejski

“I learned how to ski at Grey Rocks and Blue Mountain when I was 3 and 4. It was so cold all the time but apparently, it never fazed me, I was always so down to ski.” – Chase Ujejski

Chase Ujejski mid Cork 7 Blunt.

“I remember when I was 8 watching our older brother Kai board the park looked so fun. I remember trying to slide my first box sideways (on skis) at COP, then my twin brother Anders did it right after me and we were so hyped. We went to Sunshine and Lake Louise and we always wanted to ride park after that.” – Chase Ujejski

“The skiing in Whistler never gets old. The parks are insane, and the big mountain is just as good. Definitely, my favorite place to ski and hyped that I got to grow up here for most of my life.” – Chase Ujejski

“I lived in Mauritius for 2 years from ages 6-8. It was pretty crazy and definitely a good life experience. It’s a whole different world over there, but we all missed the snow so we moved back to Canada.” – Chase Ujejski

Mute 270 on the classic Black Park hip.


What are your current ambitions?
CU: To keep skiing as long as I can! Being original, having style, filming, competing and having good times.

Any comps coming up?
CU: The next comp for me is probably next January. I’m just planning on doing the NorAm Tour next season.

Any tricks you’re currently working on?
CU: I want to learn Switch cork 3’s. They look so fun.

What’s your next goal or objective in skiing? 
CU: I try not to put too much pressure on myself and just have fun with it, but I want to take my ski career as far as I can. It’d be sick if I could get a world cup spot someday!

Switch and sendy, that’s Chase Ujejski for you.

Follow Chase Ujejski on Instagram to follow his progression, we look forward to seeing his 19/20 season unfold. Good luck Chase!

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