Remembering Chris Prior

With heavy hearts, we remember Chris Prior as an industry legend. Most know Chris Prior as the founder and owner of Prior Snow, but it the passion behind the name that really defined him. The best way to remember a snow-driven soul? A shred day filled with all of Chris’s closest friends and family of course. Last year the Prior Snow gang organized a Whistler shred day for all of those that were touched by Chris. Video by Beacon Media Group.


Chris cherished twenty-nine years of shaping, r&d, and riding as much as possible while leading the charge at Prior Snow before his passing. His partner through thick and thin, Lauren Bramley shares her journey remembering Chris.

“As he was really at the top of his shaping career and such a hands-on business owner in a small close-knit business with loyal committed staff who loved him it hit all of us really really hard. We had to deal with our shock and grief and celebrate the unbelievable life he lived and his huge contribution and commitment to the sport and to the industry. It was hard to foresee just how much Chris contributed as he was so hands-on for design and would spend hours and hours perfecting designs and customizing boards for top athletes and die-hard Prior riders. His loyal crew could have been far too overwhelmed and upset to cope with this but instead, they joined together and worked really hard to pick up the pieces and deliver the product to the standard that Chris demanded. Chris was very particular about his crew and put years into mentoring them. So when this tragedy happened his right-hand man Dominic Morin was naturally the best to step in as shaper. He had worked alongside Chris for 10 years.”

The summer before Chris’s passing he and Dominic designed the award-winning “Patroller” ski along with two snowboard shapes.

“Over the year we have had a huge outpouring of love, admiration and support form the thousands of Prior riders, his countless friends around the globe whose lives he touched through windsurfing and riding, admirers in the industry and the community of Whistler. It is so obvious who Chris Prior was a person, a top Shaper and as a business has meant to so many people that all of us at Prior are so proud to carry that on in his honor. It has been a very emotional year for all of us to lose Chris from our lives but we have grown stronger as a crew and know that we were lucky enough to spend so many good times with him, to learn from him and to embrace his commitment to the “enjoy the ride” approach to life.”

When faced with the dreaded “now what?” question after the loss of a loved one Lauren responded gracefully, “November 24 was his birthday and we decided the best way to honor Chris was to produce this film with Beacon Media Group to capture the life of Chris Prior and his legacy that lives on in Prior. Next year the company turns 30 and we will do a longer feature film with interviews to hear first hand all the crazy stories and achievements from those who loved him.”

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