Dave’s Truck Trip 1 – February Fun in Golden BC

Trip 1: Thomas Rozsypalek begins his adventures with Dave's Truck on a ski trip to Golden BC in the Purcell mountains of British Columbia's interior. Thomas meets up with TGFG (Tim Grey from Golden) and they day mission to 'get it good' using all means necessary, including: snowmobiles, touring gear, boot packing and mountaineering skills. After a couple of milk bird days in the pillows, conditions get surprisingly good for big mountain skiing and the boys push in to the alpine for the first couple days of blue sky of the winter. Thomas is joined behind the scenes by local legend snowboarder Travis Johnston and new comer to the area, skier Martin Lentz. Professional skier Dave Treadway passed away in a mountain accident in the spring of 2019 and Thomas, who was Dave's close friend, purchased Dave's truck to use it literally as a vehicle for adventure and to keep memories of Dave close by chasing life and the source of it. Follow along as Thomas finds adventure on the mountain, in the sky and everywhere in between. All footage was shot in February 2020 by Tim Grey and Thomas Rozsypalek. Special thanks to Kai Pepin for color correction on the edit.

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