A familiar ski name you’ve heard over and over again but in so many capacities that it might leave you wondering, “who is Derek Foose?” The truth is, he’s a done a little bit of everything in this industry, the constant is that he’s 100% ski addicted. In recent news we found out he’ll be hosting the Freeride World Tour – find out everything about the 2019 FWT here.

Get ready to decode ski legend Derek Foose, you’re going to know him inside and out so when you high five him at the bar on the FWT he’ll think you’re long lost, friends. Or quite possibly a stalker, be careful with your phrasing friends.

Derek Foose captured by Andrew Bradley


Years Skiing: All of them.
Hometown: Edmonton, AB
Currently: Whistler, BC
Sponsors:  Rossignol, SMITH, Dakine, POW, Soul Poles, Intuition Liners, and Dissent Labs.

Coach Advisory Board Chair for the International Freeskiers and Snowboarders Association (IFSA)
Head Coach of the Whistler Freeride Club, which he founded in 2001
Feature in Warren Miller’s Children of Winter.
Guiding a Whistler Freeride Club athlete to a win at the FJWC.
Assisting Whistler Freeride Club athletes to qualify for the Freeride World Tour.
Calling the action for Nicolai Rogatkin’s historic Triple Crown of Slopestyle Victory at RedBull Joyride, Crankworx 2018.

Derek Foose by Andrew Bradley


Because he’s a multifaceted man we asked him about each chapter of his ski infused life. Here’s what he dished.

Trying to hold on for my life! Working with the Warren Miller crew was super special for me.  I went with my dad every year as a kid in Edmonton, it was how you knew winter was starting. To go on tour presenting the movie, and to get to host at the same theatre that I frothed out in as a kid was a full circle moment I’ll never forget.

Started the WFC (Whistler Freeride Club) in 2001 with 6 kids as a way to keep local Whistler kids in love with skiing. It’s been growing like crazy ever since! We’ve put together the best team of coaches any athlete could want. The coaching crew keeps the kids improving, motivated, and coming back year after year. Best job I’ve ever had!

Guiding the steeps clinics with Extremely Canadian since 2000. It’s allowed me to guide and coach all over the world.  Japan, Argentina, and all over Europe. Keeps me stoked on passing on the knowledge and experience I’ve gained from all my mistakes. Also the best job I’ve ever had!

So hyped to get the opportunity to work with the FWT.  I’m looking forward to being on tour with a couple alumni of the WFC and seeing them test themselves at the highest level. We’re aiming to continue the program of helping develop skiers and champions at a regional, North American, and International level. As for legacy, I feel like that’s already in place. I could leave the WFC in the hands of the current crew of coaches, and it would continue to grow and thrive.


Follow Foose on all of his adventures via Instagram. 

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