Do you talk about underwear? Long underwear? Short underwear? Socks? Christina Lustenberger does. Not always a hot topic and it’s time to change that. Let’s talk about what’s under your ski gear. Pro, Christina Lustenberger shares her favourite Smartwool layer systems.

Meet Christina Lustenberger
Christina started skiing as a young child. She grew up in the ski racing program and on to the Canadian alpine ski team. In her mid-20s Christina transitioned into a ski guide and professional skier.

Location: Christina lives in Revelstoke, British Columbia
Style of Skiing: Human-powered ski mountaineering

Lusti down, to chat about what’s underneath.


What’s your go-to for base layers? 
Women’s Merino 250 Baselayer 1/2 Zip Hoodie and Women’s Merino 250 Baselayer 3/4 Bottom.

The ½ zip really helps to air out the chest and keep it as dry as possible when over heating, while the hoodie can keep you cozy when things cool off. I like the versatility of this piece, the

¾ bottoms are nice because you have minimal overlap between ski socks and long underwear, keeping it minimal for ski boot use.

Favourite underwear?
Women’s Merino Seamless Racerback Bra because there is no elastic around the ribs due to the seamless feature. There is also minimal rubbing, which is super comfortable.

Do you talk about your undies with your touring partners?
If people ask sure.

Why or why not?
It’s mostly girl chat, where people might ask what my favorites are.

Why are undies so dang important?
It’s the first thing you put on. I think with all the layers we wear you really want your undies to feel seamless. 

Happy feet, happy Christina Lustenberger.

Christina Lustenberger’s Happy Feet Program

Favourite all-around sock and why?
Smartwool’s Traditional Snowflake Socks. Super cozy chilling sock with no restriction around the ankle. It’s a lifestyle sock that I think is really nice for anytime I’m not in my ski boots!

Favourite specialty sock and why?
Women’s PhD® Pro Freeski I like the fit and cushion for ski touring. Stays warm and dry throughout the day.

Be honest, how often do you wash your socks? 
After every use unless I’m on an expedition which is usually some sort of expedition or basecamp a few times a year. I think keeping your feet clean on such trips is equally as important.

What would you recommend to your friends when it comes to socks and why?
A good quality sock is so important for performance. If your feet don’t stay dry most likely they will freeze and if your socks don’t fit you’re going to get blisters.

Any hot tips for keeping your feet happy?
Keep your feet dry. Keep your feet warm. It’s usually pretty easy to dry out your socks, even if your winter camping in the snow. You can also use your body to dry out your socks. Keeping your gear dry is one of the biggest challenges of being in the mountains.

What accomplishment did you squeeze into the shorter than expected 2020 season?
First descent of Mount MacDonald west face and my first ski expedition to the Himalayas.

Priorities for 20/21 ski season?
I’m keen on ticking off a few more first descents in BC. Most likely sticking close to home and staying healthy.

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