Dynastar is coming in strong to the 20/21 season with the newly coveted M-Free lineup. With the masterminds of Richard Permin and Laurent Richard behind the ski’s innovative design, shape and style there is no doubting its gnar-ability. Time to let the pros do the talking – M-Free as decoded by Richard Permin and Laurent Richard.

M-Free by Dynastar definition:

This progressive freeride ski is an ode to freedom and a very lightweight toy for forays between the trees or fast-paced descents in the middle of beautiful virgin slopes.

The M-FREE 108, or how to express your rebellious and creative side from the moment you step out of the first cable car.

Its Hybrid Core technology combines Poplar, a natural and high-performance material offering an excellent balance of rigidity and responsiveness, with P.U. for suppleness and ideal dampening.

Richard Permin letting his M-Free’s buck in the wild.


When I arrived to the Dynastar team Laurent Richard and I really wanted to give Dynastar a second breath in terms of shape, design and marketing. For the record, Laurent Richard came down to join me at home in the south of France to start working on innovative design and shape, what kind of boss is travelling to his athlete’s? The One Who wants to Change Things! We went from scratch and we created the 118 that became my pro model, it was the ski that I had always dreamed of having and that I used throughout the year.

The M-Line is a real renewal and I think it makes Dynastar a leader in off-piste skiing. Today with the addition of 108, in the M-line lineup, I have skis for all types of conditions and I couldn’t hope better. The range has a lot of charisma and the skis are powerful, reliable and aerial.

Photo by Noah Wetzel


Laurent Richard has been with Dynastar for over four years now in varying capacities. The constant? He’s always been involved in product and brand – developing the awesome stuff we love.

Photo by Noah Wetzel

What was your biggest inspiration for the new M-Free lineup? 
LR: This is a balance, a mix between SKI/ Surf culture: “hunt your line”, passion for all the line: creativity, imagination , they are the painters of their own lines…  and Mountain inspiration, element…  from CHAMONIX our playground. 

How did you bring your on-snow experience into the design room?
LR: Combo of HYBRID CORE: base of our unique ALIVE on snow feeling (light, agile, power)  + SHAPES knowledge: We have a unique on-snow feel due to the “hybrid core” technology which is a real consumer benefit: our progressive power, on snow soft-touch – a mix PU for lightness, velvet effect on snow & wood for power & durability.

What feature were you most passionate about including or changing?
LR: We have changed everything. After CHAM, LEGEND we started 3 years ago with a new vision, we organized several meetings with ours athletes, ambassadors, local heroes, big players mainly in Noram, France, and building month after month this new range. We went to Whistler, Crystal, Snowbird, Vail, Jackson two years ago. Over one month we tested a lot of prototypes with dealers riders). 

How did you go about testing the new technology? 
LR: We already used this Hybrid core technology in our “on piste” category with great success. Nevertheless, more than 10 prototypes by the model have been necessary to find THE ski.

What expeditions or lines really contributed to the making of this series? 
LR: This is a global & unique MOUNTAIN LINE/ HUNT YOUR LINE story: all lines are relevant and interesting whatever the riders – from Vivian Brushez a steep skier to Reine Barckered from the FWT and including of course RICHARD PERMIN. Richard has been really invested in this collection and bring us all of his experience, vision and input. 

Why poplar cores? 
LR: The best compromise between Lightness and mechanical response 

Any other design/ski influenced details or stories are welcome. 
LR: Last important point: our French factory in Sallanches is where the entire line up is produced.

Photo by Noah Wetzel

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