First Tracks at Revelstoke Mountain Resort

The best way to kick off an epic day of shredding at Revelstoke

The moment before getting off the chair lift is electric.  You know you are about to ski the run of your dreams. You hop off the lift.  As you slide to a stop before your first descent, you put on your pole straps and high five your buddies, everyone is stoked.  This moment has finally come!

You glide through the first hundred meters of powder before you even think of laying into a turn.  You are waiting, building the speed required to cut deep into the fresh and slash a beeautiful rooster tail of snow.  

With the first left turn out of the way it’s time to carve into your first right.  It’s another high speed, powerful turn, and suddenly you’re blinded by the white. The cold smoke powder snow has fluffed up all around you and completely whited you out… 

You can’t tell whether you’re thrilled or terrified because you are engulfed in the feeling of euphoria.

Two turns down, about 400 to go. And that’s only the first run!

Only a lucky few have truly experienced first tracks.  Top to bottom completely untouched, a blank canvas if you will.  Even the Groomers are pristine.  Miles of those tiny triangular ridges just begging to be carved upon.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort is offering you this glorious opportunity.  By purchasing a first tracks ticket you are granted exclusive access to the mountain forty five minutes before the general public joins you.

It’s the best way to kick off an epic day at Revie.

Book your first tracks adventure in advance, and learn more at: