Usually, a frequent road warrior from Whistler to Revelstoke this weekend was going to be different, I was going to fly to Revelstoke. No road conditions to track, no incoming storms to navigate and most of all, I could have a productive and much shorter travel time. Traveling via plane meant a mobile office with incredible views.

Staring at the departures sign from my parked truck, the commute couldn’t be shorter. A mere 50 meters separated myself from my parking spot to the check-in gate at YVR South Terminal. With a clunk, I rolled my ski bag out of the bed of my truck. I was ready for a weekend in Revelstoke like I’d never “Revelstoked” before.

Privately chartered plane to Revelstoke? Yes please! Photo by Abby Cooper


Massive snow banks lined the streets as the shuttle delivered me to Sutton Place Hotel, or should I say palace? Ski in accommodations with complimentary wine at après and an outdoor spa set up to brag about for weeks – yeah I could get used to this kind of Revelstoke experience. Arriving after the lifts stopped spinning I was antsy to begin my weekend playing and a Grizzlies hockey game with friends sounded just right. Seemingly the whole town was on the same page producing a lively and hilarious crowd. After a healthy dose of Canadian culture, we sampled craft beers at Craft Bierhaus and then it was time to fall into my princess bed.

Living our best Sutton Life with Alex Armstrong. Photo by Abby Cooper.


Greeted at the base of the gondola by a wagging blonde ponytail and a big grin was Alex Armstrong. Another lady shredder that just can’t kick the magic of Revelstoke and frequents their endless supply of powder. Snow ghosted trees and sunny skies chased yesterdays storm making for absolute perfect conditions. Revelstoke Mountain Resort has the reputation for having an absurd quantity and incredible quality of snow which coincides with lots of storms, so a bluebird day was a bit of a rarity – no complaints here! Lapping the goods up high on Stoke chair most of the day we couldn’t be bothered to stop for lunch. When the lifts stopped spinning our legs were jello and our famished stomachs thanked us – nothing that a plate of nachos at the Mackenzie Common Tavern and a spa session in the evening light couldn’t fix.

Ready to wake up and hit repeat on the previous day, a traditional Revelstoke storm had rolled in overnight sweetening the already epic weekend. A top up of 18cm overnight and still nuking outside my resort side hotel room window had me thrilled. I’d trade the alpine for the steep perfectly spaced north facing trees at Revelstoke Mountain Resort any time. Another “ahhh” moment that was a result of my choice to fly to Revelstoke and my Sutton digs? Not having to shovel out my truck and face the snow-coated roads. The only thing separating myself from the gondola was the self-made detour to grab a La Baguette coffee.

Light and deep, just the way it’s supposed to be. Photo by Abby Cooper.

Another day of face shots, steeps, light interior BC snow and good company topped off by a solid spa session. Car-free and careless I snagged the shuttle into town to meet some pals for an evening of bowling at The Cabin. Beers aside, I resisted the notorious “fishbowl” – an insanely large alcoholic concoction – I duck out early for one last quality Sutton sleep. Snagging a few morning laps before being whisked away to the airport. A Monday that starts with deep skiable snow right out my door and no lift lines? That’s the kind of Monday I can get used to.


If you can’t tell I’m a bit bias on the whole fly to Revelstoke thing – I might be ruined now. I’m not your typical pamper yourself kinda girl – I’m a bit of a sucker for type two fun and have a severe case of independence, which means there was a dose of hesitation when deciding to go to Revelstoke sans vehicle, but that turned out to be the best part. Carefree and car-less meant I could be a powder hog and a Sutton princess.

Storm days never looked so good. Photo by Abby Cooper.


  1. Not having to drive on snow-coated roads offered more relief than I expected – such an easy way to travel without a headache.
  2. Shorter travel time offered a full day of work on Friday and arrived feeling fresh.
  3. Midday departure on Monday meant morning laps before take off.
  4. No shoveling, no car starting, no gear shuffling.
  5. That spa though, need I say more?
  6. The free shuttle goes directly to all the places you want to go to in town.
  7. Staying at the Sutton they have daily complimentary wine for après – it’s the little things.
  8. And on that note, have all the drinks, you’re not driving but be responsible friends, you know the drill. Also, the powder awaits.
  9. Did I mention that you feel like royalty flying in a chartered plane to Revelstoke and then being swept up the mountain to the palace
  10. There’s some serious heli-ski potential here. Line up your dates with Selkirk Tangiers and you could fly to Revelstoke and heli from your hotel room!
Ski in living, it’s as glamorous as it looks. Photo by Abby Cooper.

The Revelstoke reputation holds true, light snow and lots of it. Turns out you enjoy the town and the skiing experience even more if you are car-free. Our digital editor Abby gives the fly to Revelstoke from Vancouver trip a solid two thumbs up and staying at the Sutton a 5-star review.