Let’s not mess around here, Gaper Day is serious business – party business that is. Follow along our step by step instructions on how to have an awesome Gaper Day this upcoming long weekend. Most of the North American resorts that are still spinning will close down for the season shortly and it’s very important that we send off the 2018/2019 season properly. It’s a pretty thorough list so we don’t blame you if you screenshot it and refer to it often. Follow these steps in order for the best results, pre-read and plan accordingly as you’ll need to do know that #15 requires preparation before you progress past #7, curial stuff here.

Gaper Day Copper Mountain Style by the Afatfilms crew.
  1. Google “Ski Hill Near Me
  2. Find one that is nearby and closing May long weekend.
  3. Logistically figure out how to get to the chosen ski resort in a fashion that doesn’t require you to drive home after skiing. Staying the night in a camper, hotel or on a friends couch are acceptable options.
  4. Find something outrageous to wear. If it’s furry, tight, bright, retro and/or denim you’re on the right track. To confirm make sure it doesn’t make sense to ski in said outfit and then you know 100% you’ve found your winning wardrobe.
  5. Find something ridiculous to ski on. Snowblades are the end goal, but super skinnies, really short skis and mono skis are also acceptable. Please note if you can’t find anything ridiculous to ski on, that’s okay just make up for it with tricks or a cape or shareable party supplies.
  6. On the day of you’ll want to start with a breakfast beer or patio caesar at the crack of 11 am.
  7. Go up the mountain. Ski yourself silly. Bonus points if you find a pond to skim.
  8. You MUST: Hit all of the side hits, do a park lap and cruise a groomer with fellow skiers dressed up.
  9. Remember at the end of the day it’s most certainly a party shred followed with a “DEATH BEFORE DOWNLOAD” mentality.
  10. Find a bar with your crew. Any will do, but it’s better if it’s got music.
  11. Pro tip, if you skied with a pack swap your ski boots for shoes if you didn’t your S.O.L. and we hope you’re ski boots are comfortable, it’s going to be a long one.
  12. Party. Party. Party.
  13. Sleep somewhere random.
  14. Wake up somewhere else.
  15. Drink Nunn tablets and eat something greasy.
  16. Find your items and head home.
Whistler Blackcomb’s Gaper Day by Tourism Whistler

Well if you made it home, have a hangover and have acquired some rad new ski gear that shouldn’t be used for skiing you successfully had an awesome time. Have fun peeping your camera roll to see what kind of shenanigans you got up to. See ya next year – you’ll need it to recover and repeat.