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NAME: Abby Cooper
PRODUCT: Sentinel AR Jacket & Pants, Arc’teryx
CONDITIONS TESTED: Every condition imaginable.

BIO: Hey, it’s me, Abby, the SBC SKIER digital editor! When I’m not slinging words behind the computer screen I’m touring deep in the backcountry, skiing or riding at a resort near my current hotel room or snapping photos of someone else getting sendy. This past season I tested the 19/20 Sentinel AR pant and jacket combo and have a few things to share with you!

Full disclosure – I’m a big Arc’teryx fan, to begin with, and have an independent working relationship outside of SBC SKIER, that being said, I’m a mega gear snob, so here’s some real talk about the new kit and colors coming attcha for next season!


The best thing about the kit? Fit and color combo. The new fit is longer, more freeride inspired. I rocked a small this year instead of my usual Arc’teryx choice of medium and could still fit a base layer, fleece, and puff underneath no problem. Also, I’ve never received so many compliments on the color combo in my entire life, made a girl feel fancy. The color was so rad I put it on my ski models/athletes often when they wore dark colors for an extra pop in my photos.

Model for a Foon Skis photoshoot in the Sentinel AR jacket for an extra dose of color.

Best use for the product? Backcountry days or multi-day trips, powder days, resort days, photog days, ski mountaineering days, chairlift days, winter camping nights and days, spring days, premature snow days, sunny days, good time days, coffee fetching days, driveway shoveling days – all the days.

Downfalls? I thought I’d be writing that the pink color got dirty easily, especially since I spill a lot of coffee and get a lot of truck tailgate muck on everything I own but this color repealed it all keeping me clean – no downfalls.

From Jackson WY to Alaska to Quebec to Heli-Skiing in Sweden the Sentinel AR kit is still looking fresh 73 days later, coffee spills and all.

Don’t use in these circumstances: If you’re going for ultralight you still need to stick with the Shaska line up if you’re looking for an Arc’teryx jacket/pant combo, otherwise, this jacket fits the bill for it all.

Favorite feature? Length and fit.

Would you recommend? Incase it isn’t obvious – YAS.


“My outerwear is my winter uniform, I live in it. Sometimes I board airplanes in full Goretex straight from the hill or sleep in it winter camping. I wear it shooting from sunrise to sunset and the hours before and after with my matching headlamp (jokes, I wish they matched). I wear it lugging 60lb camera packs and to apres after. My gear works ever harder than I do when I’m in the conditions and even after I “shut off” my gear untiled to work for me while I live in its comfort. I was never let down by the Sentinel AR kit, in fact, it was so comfortable and flattering that I wore it maybe a little too often – I thought of it as my everyday outfit this winter.” – Abby Cooper

360 product view of the 2019/2019 Sentinel AR kit by Arc’teryx.


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