Don’t be silly, Gaper Day is serious business – monkey business that is. Much like the back half of a mullet, it’s all about the party man. Follow along our step by step instructions on how to have an awesome Gaper Day. Most of the North American resorts that are still spinning will close down for the season shortly and it’s very important that we send off the 2022/2023 season properly. It’s a pretty thorough list so we don’t blame you if you screenshot it and refer to it often. Follow these steps in order for the best results, pre-read and plan accordingly as you’ll need to do know that #15 requires preparation before you progress past #7, curial stuff here.

This photo pretty much epitomizes gaper day. Will Blackwell demonstrating the look you should be aiming for. Staying hydrated on gaper day is of utmost importance. Photo – Chris Dane German

But what exactly is “Gaper Day?”

Gaper day is the last day of the ski season at your local resort. This will change depending on which resort you ski at since each resort closes on a different day. Closing day is typically some time around the Easter long weekend, but at some resorts closing day can be much later. This glorious day involves getting dressed up in a ridiculous costume and letting the good times roll.

How to do Gaper Day

  1. Google “Ski Hill Near Me
  2. Figure out said ski hill’s closing weekend.
  3. Logistically figure out how to get to the chosen ski resort in a fashion that doesn’t require you to drive home after skiing. Staying the night in a camper, hotel or on a friend’s couch are acceptable options.
  4. Find something outrageous to wear. If it’s furry, tight, bright, retro, one piece, bikini and/or denim you’re on the right track. Basically, if it doesn’t make sense to ski in, then you know 100% you’ve found your winning get up.
  5. Find something ridiculous to ski on. Snowblades are the ideal weapon of choice, but your grandpa’s super skinnies from the 80’s, home made stilt skis or a mono ski are also fantastic options as well. Please note that if you can’t find anything ridiculous to ski on, that’s okay just make up for it with sweet tricks or a cape or shareable party supplies 🙂 Sharing is caring.
  6. On the big day, you’ll want to start with a breakfast beer or patio caesar at the crack of noon.
  7. Go up the mountain. Ski yourself silly. Bonus points if you find a pond to skim.  More bonus points if you huck a backie at some point during your day.
  8. You MUST: Hit all of the side hits, do a park lap and cruise a groomer with fellow skiers dressed up.
  9. Remember at the end of the day it’s most certainly a party shred to the bottom of the mountain.  “DEATH BEFORE DOWNLOAD” mentality is in full effect.
  10. Find a bar or tailgate party with your crew. Loud music and a BBQ can take this party from good to great.
  11. Pro tip, swap out of your ski boots into shoes immediately after skiing. If you don’t, you will probably still be wearing those wet stinky ski boots at 2 am when the bar is closing – which in itself is a bucket list accomplishment! So lets make Tip #11 OPTIONAL
  12. Party. Party. Party. Swap ski stories with fellow gapers – exaggerating the story a little more each time.
  13. Sleep somewhere random.  If you’re lucky, perhaps you will have a little Jerry Jr. of your own 9 months from now.
  14. Wake up, put your ski boots back on and find your car.
  15. Hair of the dog, eat something greasy and poach a hot tub if possible.
  16. Find your crew and head home. 

Get out there and embrace your inner gaper!

By Chris German and Abby Cooper