Swedish freeskiing super star Jesper Tjäder has officially captured the Guiness world record for “Longest rail grind on skis” after greasing a 154.49 meter (506ft 10.3in) long rail.

Jesper Tjäder slides the longest rail in Åre, Sweden on May 9, 2022.
Photographer: Judith Bergström

Tjäder said: “Being the official Guinness World Record holder feels pretty cool. I have
dreamt about it since I was a kid. This rail was a hard challenge, and my guess was
that it would take about 525 attempts, but it went way easier than I expected. I have
done a lot of tricks on rails before but never on such a long rail as this. I felt like it
would be a good mission to have.”

It took the 28 year old man three days and only 127 attempts to set the world record grind on skis.

Photographer: Judith Bergström

When Attempting to slide a rail this long, speed is your friend. Tjäder approached the rail at a speed of 77km/h. He was moving so fast that he actually gapped 7.5 meters of the rail, resulting in an official grind length of 154.49 meters of the 162 meter long metal, single barrel rail.

Photographer: Judith Bergström

Tjäder captured the “Longest rail grind on skis” record from American freeskiing super star, the pretzel man himself, Tom Wallisch. Wallisch shared Tjäder POV video on his IG story today with the caption, “Proud of ya! @jespertjader ! Congrats on the new record! Guess I gotta build a 1000ft rail next time! 😉 .” Tjäder beat Wallisch’s record by about 24.5 meters or 107ft. Perhaps the battle for the longest rail slide will wage on.

Jesper Tjäder poses for a portrait in Åre, Sweden on May 10, 2022
Photographer: Judith Bergström

Check out the official video here.

Written by Chris Dane German @dangermanvisuals @c.dangerman_