Since before he remembers, Joe Schuster has been a big fish in the
small but deep talent pool that is Vernon, BC. Hot on the heels of
childhood friends TJ Schiller and Josh Bibby, Schuster, along with
counterparts Justin Dorey, Riley Leboe and Marshall Talbot, has
continuously proven that the sleepy little town in Interior British
Columbia is the next Bethlehem for skiers about to take centre stage.

    Schuster’s raw and natural ability is undoubtedly the product of
his years in the renowned Silver Star freestyle program, the unwavering
support structure that is his amazing family, and most of all, his
strong work ethic and desire to succeed. Combine these traits with the
fact that he is rarely without a smile and is one of the nicest guys in
the industry, and you’ve got one of the more underrated skiers of the
past few years.

    It was last winter when Schuster made his biggest splash. With
respectable showings at the US Open, European Open and WSI, along with
head-turning performances at the Candide Invitational and in Theory-3’s
PNW, Schuster has proven that he can hang with the best of them and
that he’s not going anywhere soon. Swim, fishy, swim.

Age: 18

Specialty: Freestyle

Current ski area: Whistler, BC

Origins: Vernon, BC

Sponsors: Line, Sun Ice, Scott, Voleurz

Role models: Justin Dorey, Riley Leboe, Marshall Talbot

Film parts: PNW, More for the Astronauts