First things first, reservations are NOW Open For Kees & Claire Hut. They’re going to book up fast. We’ve been waiting for this masterpiece for a while, can you believe it’s finally open?! Let us clarify, it’s open officially September 7th for its first overnight guests, but bookings are open now for the upcoming winter. The wait is over, get into the first year of operations for the first Spearhead Hut and be a part of the history.

Southcoast touring advocate, guide book author, rad dad award earner and friendly face Matt Gunn dishes on why you should be booking your first stay now.


Endless ski touring objectives from the new hut.

At long last, it is now possible to book nights at the brand new Kees and Claire Hut in the Whistler Backcountry. This incredible, modern, latest tech energy-efficient facility opens September 7, 2019, after a decade in the works. Wondering why you should go check it out this winter? Let me answer that question for you…

ONE: Easy Access
In good conditions from the top of Peak Express on Whistler, the hut can be reached in a half-day of alpine travel. From the start of the Flute Footpath, the trip to the hut covers 6km and involves 480m ascent and 400m of descent. Jumping on the lifts when the mountain first opens leaves time in the afternoon for getting some runs in. Exit from the hut is all downhill following the Singing Pass Trail.

TWO: Comfort
Forget about hot water bottles in your sleeping bag and frozen boots in the morning, this hut is without question the most comfortable public hut in the South Coast backcountry. Passive house design, propane heated HVAC, stainless steel kitchen counters, gas cooking stoves and mind-blowing views will change your impression of wilderness living.

Cozy and bright inside the new Spearhead Hut. Kees and Claire.

THREE: Backcountry Turns
The Kees and Claire Hut is the perfect launching point for backcountry adventures. It provides quick access to a huge range of excellent terrain, from the perfect pitch of Cowboy Ridge to the iconic steeps on Fissile Peak.

FOUR: Community
With 38 bunks, the Kees and Claire Hut is destined to be a focal point of the local touring community. Hanging out in the comfort of a hut after a day of powder is a great place to meet new people and connect with old friends.

FIVE: Contribution to a Vision
This labour of love facility is going to be a tremendous asset for the South Coast mountain community and is the first link in a proposed chain of three huts through the world-class Spearhead Range. Booking a trip to the hut will provide critical funding to the Spearhead Hut Society, the volunteer group that is working hard to make the vision of a hut chain a reality. By reserving now you’ll ensure a visit to the hut in its inaugural year, but more importantly you’ll be making a contribution to this incredibly worthwhile cause.

Just look at those tasty turns out your bunk window.

For more information, or to book a night at the Kees and Claire Hut click here.For more information on Matt Gunn, check out this article and interview SBC Skier did with him. Matt Gunn, The Snow Stoker.