Located in a small mining town in Quebec, Mont Adstock is truly a diamond in the rough that few have heard of and even fewer have skied. The mountain is situated between the two East Coast ski meccas, Montreal and Quebec City, which leaves many asking themselves where exactly it fits in. The answer is simply that it doesn’t, and that’s what makes it stand out in the crowd of small hills which pepper this side of our beautiful country.

The first time I saw the mountain in all it’s glory was about 6:40 a.m. at -40ËšC, as the sun rose and gradually lit up the 335-metre hill, which was unknown to me eight hours earlier. If it wasn’t for the bitter numbness in my fingers and the still present buzz I had from the previous night, I would have thought I was dreaming. The park run I was staring at left me wondering how the hell nobody had heard of this place before. I soon realized that it was able to remain such a secret because the locals had no idea of the gem they had in that one T-bar accessed run.

After shredding a perfectly built jump all morning, we headed towards the quaint lodge to warm up only to be bombarded by the curious staff asking about the insane aerial stunt tricks being performed. As we reviewed the results from our private shoot, friendly onlookers arched their backs to get a look and let out an occasional yelp of excitement. It was apparent not many of the locals had heard about freeskiing, let alone seen it first hand. Throughout the weekend I realized that Mont Adstock wasn’t just a hill, but an essential part of the community during the winter season: a babysitter for kids; a place for friends to spend an afternoon; a retirement home for those who’ve been skiing the same 26 runs their whole life.

Everyone knows everybody here and even though we stuck out like sore thumbs, we were graciously welcomed into the family and treated like honored guests throughout our stay. Boasting only one park run, Adstock’s terrain park does not compare to some of the bigger ones in Quebec such as Tremblant and Stoneham. That’s okay though, because what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. They have managed to jam the run with over two dozen jibs, from a giant rollercoaster box to an up-rail off a jump, all of which are side-by-side so you can pick and choose your run without having to skip features. What truly sets it apart from the rest is that it is always empty and has a T-bar, which ensures you’re doing nonstop laps without having to deal with a train of park rats.

Mont Adstock won’t remain unknown for very long though, as more and more people are talking about the unique park and friendly locals. One thing that surprised me even more than the stellar park was the complete lack of snowboarders, which is rare in this day and age. If you have lived in Quebec your whole life or are just here for a weekend of skiing, definitely make the effort to check out this family jewel as it offers something absent anywhere else.

To see Mont Adstock in real life, pick up ESK Media’s upcoming film The Affiliates to see all the shots from the private sunrise shoot.

Location: Thetford Mines, Quebec

Vertical: 335m

Terrain: 26 trails (including terrain park)

Snowfall: 288cm

Lifts: One t-bar, one quad

Mont Adstock

Jason Mousseau Photo


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