The Kootenays are perhaps more famous for their combustible slope substances than their brown suds, but Faceplant Ale is brewed right in the NBC (Nelson Brewing Company) studio, er, brewery on Latimer Street. The brew is certified organic (this is the Kootenays, after all) and is meant to be savoured, not swilled. It’s a hearty, full-bodied brew that is packed with flavour and character. The best thing is that it’s in a can, which means you can jam one into your pack for a liquid lunch, or toss one into a snowbank for an après-backcountry brewski. Purists should note that Al from NBC tells us cans are actually a superior way to preserve this malty creation than bottles are. If you’re skiing at Baldface Lodge this winter, Faceplant will be available as the Lodge’s official “house brand.” Faceplant is a seasonal brew, but NBC also makes a whole quiver of craft beers (Paddywhack IPA is the biggest seller) to suit every taste.