In lieu of hosting a multi-stop version of the The North Face Park and Pipe Open, organizers have brought the competition online through a combination of public and professional judging.

For the full list of competitors who made it through the public voting check out the the full release below from the The North Face Park and Pipe Open:

Event organizers of The North Face Park and Pipe Open Series (PPOS) Virtual Competition are thrilled to announce the top competitors who emerged after public voting closed on March 6. A panel of judges selected the top percentage of halfpipe and slopestyle video entries to advance to the final round of judging based on the number public votes and video views in combination with athletic ability, skiing style and difficulty of tricks. Noah Wallace submitted the video with the most votes which automatically garnered him the Viewer’s Choice Award.

The final judging period will take place March 20-23 in Salt Lake City, UT. The panel of judges includes Mike Atkinson, Jason Arens, and The North Face Athletes Tom Wallisch, Maddie Bowman and Mike Riddle. Each finalist run will be judged using an overall impression score as if the run was executed at an on-snow competition. In addition to the overall category winners, specialty prizes will be awarded for Best GoPro Footage, Best Rail, Best Jump, Biggest Personality. One of the winners will also be selected to receive the Grand Prize and film a segment for Tom Wallisch’s new film “Good Company.” Winners will be announced March 24, 2015.

Men’s Slopestyle

Arnold, Casey
Bercovitch, Dean
Brown, John
Clayton, Connor
Cummings, Jake
Glavatsky-Yeadon, Alexander
Granger, Michael
Hamilton, Ian
Josh Wong
Klutsch, Jonathan
LeHouillier, Carson
Marik, Paul
Moffatt, Max
Ondrik, Jake
Pham, Zhach
Poulin, Zach
Roy, Derek
Smith, Ben
Stevenson, Colby
Wallace, Noah
Whipple, Brent

Women’s Slopestyle

Alexander, Kat
Bergemann, Hannah
Gallen, Camden
Gonzales, Nadia
Henry, Jenna
Johansen, Vilde
Nicole, Katrina
Perotti, Ali
Urlich, Taylor

Men’s Halfpipe

Bowman, Alec
Burson, Ian
Fedrizzi, Zach
Leeds, Broby
Saarela, James
Simonpietri, Austin
Smaine, Kyle
Tierney, Andrew

Women’s Halfpipe

Hanssen, Isabelle
Welsh, Alliso