Mythical discoveries in
the natural playgrounds of the world, this is the inspirational winter
adventure of some of the best riders in the world that has never been told

Legends takes O’Neill
snowboarders and skiers around the world – from Japan to Turkey – to experience
not only the spectacular terrain, but also explore the stories and myths behind
each location.

Jeremy Jones, the
world’s best freerider, was just one of the snowboarders inspired by the
project. Despite endless winters in the stunning natural surrounds and riding
of Alaska, it was the journey of discovery that had Jeremy enthralled. “Every
year I get presented with a lot of really cool film projects,” he says. “When
this first came up I was committed to something else. Then they got back to me
and said they were going to Turkey, and I said: ‘well, I am going with you.”

Along with O’Neill
skiers and filmmakers, Nicolas and Loris Falquet, Jeremy travelled to Turkey
where they uncovered and immersed themselves in the roots of snowboarding.

“That is one of the
best trips I have ever had,” says Jeremy. “From a cultural standpoint it was
one of the most – ‘oh my god I can’t believe that just happened’.”

The group, which
included Stefan Gimpl, scored some incredible freeriding in the Cackar
Mountains, and also discovered a village where the locals have been
snowboarding on homemade wooden boards for 150 years. “Meeting Celime, the
oldest rider in the village, was inspirational. This is someone who has been
snowboarding for 62 years,” says Jeremy. “One of my big questions was – ‘do you
have any advice for me?’ He said: ‘ride all the time and you’ll be happy and

The story of Legends
starts in the tranquil stunning mountain ranges of Japan, where director,
Nicolas Falquet, and his brother, Loris discovered the legend of ‘Yuki-Onna’,
whose name means ‘snow woman’.

“We knew no one in
Japan when we arrived there,” says Loris. “It was a great adventure finding
someone who could tell us about the legend of Yuki-Onna.” Discovering
spectacular backcountry in Japan was no easy task either. “You’re not allowed
to ski off-piste in Japan, so they kept on taking away our ski passes,” Loris

This sense of adventure
is encapsulated throughout the entire film as the Falquet brothers explore
every corner of the globe during the 2007 season, throughout day and night.

Along with Jeremy Jones
and Mitch Toelderer, they rode fresh powder under the full moon in the small
Swiss resort of Les Marecottes – an experience which Jeremy Jones won’t forget:
“You watch the sun set, the moon rise and then ride down a spine at 4.30am.
Then you watch the moon set and the sun rise as you go home. Then you wake up
later that day and think – was that a dream? It’s incredible,” he says.

With the young and
exciting talent of Canadian O’Neill rider Seb Toutant, they explored the
legendary snow of the Canadian Rockies, and by plane with one of the legends of
the skies, they explored the European Alps with some of the most exciting
freestyle riders in Europe at the moment.

The discoveries are
endless, the riding inspirational and the cultures they explore, intriguing.

“I have done
conventional snow movies before,” says Jeremy Jones. “But to do this and get
incredible riding and also the stories behind what you are seeing is something
unique and special.



Jeremy JONES

Stefan GIMPL






Jeremie HEITZ





And Loris and Nicolas

The World Premier of Legends will take
place on O’Neill TV on October 2, 2008 at 19.00 GMT (20.00 CEST) on

Launches in Canada,
USA, Australia and New Zealand will be announced in the coming weeks.

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