Protect Our Winters is now in Canada and we’re happy to welcome them to the homeland with open arms. You’ve probably seen a handful of your favorite pro skiers stoking the POW Canada fire on social media by the likes of Anna Segal, Stan Rey, Alexi Godbout, Chirs Rubens, and many others. Wondering what all this hype is about? We caught up with Dave Erb one of the main movers and shakers responsible for getting the POW Canada ball rolling.

Dave Erb? Dave has extensive management experience in the business and charitable sectors in Canada. He grew up in Ontario where he progressed through the ski racing program and embedded skiing into his DNA. In the mid 90’s he lived and worked in Whistler where he was part of the Whistler Mountain (prior to integration with Blackcomb) Ski School team. He’s passionate about skiing, environmental stewardship and seeing POW Canada grow to have a significant impact on climate policy in Canada. He’s been married to his wife and best friend, Leanne, for 15 years and has two children, Cecilia (14 years) and Oliver (11 years).

Sounds like a solid dude to us! Dave and pro skier Chris Rubens helped us decode POW Canada, here’s the shorthand for your reference.

POW Canada Logo, keep your eye out for events and people partnered with POW.


Protect Our Winters Canada is a not-for-profit organization working on behalf of the outdoor community in Canada. Our mission is to turn passionate outdoor enthusiasts into effective climate advocates. We lead a community of athletes, creative pioneers, and industry leaders to affect systemic policy solutions to climate change.” – Dave


“Reducing your personal carbon footprint is important but if we want to have the scale of change needed to have a real impact on climate change, we need to work at a policy level provincially and nationally. Although there’s overlap on policy priorities between POW US and POW Canada, the political landscape in each country is very different, and both require unique and strategically tailored approaches. As a country, Canada has a lot of social capital on the global stage and is generally regarded as a progressive and good global citizen.  We seek to make Canada a global leader on policy level solutions to climate change.” – Dave


“ If we want to create the type of movement needed to affect change, we need a large constituency of members whose voices we can represent and amplify on important issues.” – Dave

     A) become a member of POW Canada (it’s free)
     B) support our work by donating or volunteering with a regional chapter
     C) be a POW Canada Climate Champion by sharing our mission with your friends and family  (F2F or on your social channels) and encourage them to join.


These upcoming POW Canada events are where you can learn more, meet the established crew and have a really really really rad time. Also, a little apres loving skier told us that the Alberta and BC events have free beer!

  • October 27, 21018 @ MEC Toronto (400 King St W) from 8-10:30 pm
  • October 28, 2018 @ MEC Montreal (8989 Boulevard de l’Acadie, located in Marché Central) from 6 – 8:30 pm
  • November 17, 2018 @ MEC Vancouver (130 W Broadway) from 5:30 – 8:30 pm
  • November 18, 2018 @ MEC Calgary (830 10 Ave SW) from 5:30 – 8:30 pm
POW Canada advocate Chris Rubens in his natural habitat captured by Bruno Long


Chris Rubens has been a globally recognized skier for the last 15 years. Truly dedicated and extremely passionate about skiing in the mountains. Chris spends as much time as possible in the backcountry, specializing in putting beautiful lines down mountains for both film and photo projects. Residing in the town of Revelstoke, BC, which provides a backyard of endless opportunities for outdoor pursuits.

Sponsors: Salomon, See Revelstoke, Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Pomoca, Kask, Hyperlight Mountain Gear, and Fresh.

SBC: What drew you become such an active part in POW?
CR: We have a huge issue facing humanity right now and POW has become a large and powerful voice for the snowsports industry. I personally think this will be one of the biggest issues that humans will have ever faced and coming together in groups like POW are essential. The more voices behind an organization the better. They have been instrumental in giving the snowsports industry a voice and spreading the message around the States and the world, it is time to start doing that in Canada.

SBC: If you could pass along a one sentence recap on what POW is to someone completely uneducated what would that be?
CR: POW is an organization that brings snow sports athletes together to educate, lobby and spread awareness about climate change.

SBC: How has the education and community of POW changed your daily life and ski life?
CR: As  POW Canada is new the changes are just beginning, but I really look forward to visiting schools, working together on issues and having a collective voice in Canada. We have a launch tour scheduled along with showing “Curve of Time” scheduled for November. Individually I have been working on trying to clean up my carbon footprint, less travel, less meat, I’m far from perfect but it is consistently on my mind on how to be better.

Well, POW Canada, we’re thrilled to have you here to keep our winters stronger than ever. Welcome to Canada!