The Red Bull Unrailistic 2024 competition just went down in Äre, Sweden, on an unrealistic rail course designed by Swedish Red Bull athlete and certified mad scientist, Jesper Tjäder.

The Unrailstic Course

The Unrailistic competition course was designed by world-reknowned freeskier Jesper Tjäder. Jesper is known for his proficiency in rail skiing, holding the record for the longest rail slide on skis at 154.49 metres. Red Bull gave Jesper complete freedom in designing the course which resulted in ten of the most insane and progressive rail features ever built. Add in some of the best skiers brought in from all over the world, and you have a competition that is sure to bring excitement and push the sport into the stratosphere.

Best Trick

The event kicked off with the “Best-Trick” contest. On two of the features mentioned above, including the Tjäder Twist (double S rail) and a 13-meter-high rainbow rail. Hometown hero Jennie-Lee Burmansson won the Best Trick Female category for her expert slide down the entirety of the 40-metre flatdown. For the men, it was the Austrian phenom and recent Slvsh Cup Aspen winner Matej Švancer who pulled out a switch 270 onto the Tjäder Twist, transferred from one S to the other and blind 270’d out for the Best Trick W. 

Norwegian Sweep at Unrailistic 2024

The 2024 edition of Red Bull Unrealstic was won by Johanne Killi and Andres Håtveit, both Norwegian, both amazing skiers. Killi was slaying all weekend and laced the gigantic rainbow rail although admitting to being afraid of it upon first inspection. Håtveit won last year after coming out of a near 10-year long retirement and was able to repeat the win this year, even with a serious target on his back.

Andreas – Winner if Redbull Unrailistic 2024
Jesper Tjäder – Mastermind behind this sick event.

Boots on the Ground

We sent our very own Dangerman (Chris Dane German) to experience the event and report back.

Jesper Tjader’s home resort – Åre Sweden played host to a truly special event. Åre is a fantastic ski town that should be on the bucket list of all skiers who love leaving their home resort to go skiing. Fast lifts, great groomers, killer terrain parks, great touring access, and beautiful people, this place has it all!

This course consisted of a series of challenging rail features and was run as a slope-style contest where riders got two runs to put down their best run. There was also a 45-minute jam session on the “Tjader Twist” quadruple S-rail feature. This is the most challenging rail feature I have ever seen.

Athletes were very happy with the course and were enjoying themselves. Vibes were high and everyone was very supportive of each other, rooting for each other to be successful.

Full Unrailistic 2024 Video