The well-received Saudan Couloir Race Extreme came out of retirement last year and it’s back for another year. Its comeback was well received as indicated by the mass amounts of spectators that showed up and the competitors are telling us that they are hungry for more. We caught up with the 2018 runner up Jordy Norris to get the low down on last year’s event and what’s up his sleeve for this year.

First of all, what is the Saudan Couloir Race Extreme? No one says it better than its host, The World Ski and Snowboard Festival (WSSF): “The event takes racers down the Saudan Couloir, a double-black run on Blackcomb Mountain that’s been called one of the “9 Most Terrifying Ski Slopes in the World.” The race and run are named after Swiss extreme skier Sylvain Saudan, nicknamed the “skier of the impossible.” The race, which started back in 1987, is a festival highlight, bringing out the legends of ski racing, big mountain pros, and a healthy dose of amateur skiers who aren’t afraid to charge down 2,500 vertical feet of thigh-burning Hell.”


“I like winter, a lot.” – Jordy Norris.

While Jordy’s an experienced ski racer and versed backcountry man, he’s also a pretty humble dude. When asked for a bio he replied “I’m the marketing guy at Blackcomb Helicopters. Professional helicopter passenger. I like winter, a lot.” We chuckled. We like his laid back approach to coming second, but don’t let it fool you. Jordy came in one second behind Whistler born and raised pro skier Stan Rey – now that’s a feat. How does this guy hold down a job and manage to threaten the pros on the slopes? No idea. Here’s what Jordy was willing to dish.

How did you prep for the race last year?
Spaghetti and glacier fresh ice cold Kokanee.

Did it go as planned?
Pretty close. I don’t think anybody’s run could be perfect, but at least I didn’t eat shit

Any big changes going into this year?
Probably more spaghetti, and ideally a pre-race pep talk from Tippie at the top.

Tell us your ski racing history?
Ski racer from Ontario since I was a tiny boy, skied two years of FIS for Ontario team and the National Ski Academy.  Four year veteran of the Peak to Valley race, I also like to get second place in that one.

Favorite thing about the race?
It’s as close as us skiers will get to being allowed to race a banked slalom.

The most terrifying thing about the race?
Knowing that Chris Winter backflipped into it and won, many moons ago.

Any sneaky new tactics?
I really think more spaghetti should do the trick.

What will you eat for breakfast?
See above.

What socks are you wearing? 
Only the best. Mons Royale.

How much wax?
Wearing gloves, use a wooden applicator or popsicle stick and at a 45-degree angle spread wax evenly in the direction of hair growth in somewhat small sections. The wax needs to cover the hair, but it shouldn’t be put on too thick. Steer clear of the nipples.

Jordy Norris is usually a powder snob, just look at the form, he’s clearly done this before. Photo by Randy Lincks.

Clearly, his sense of humor is much bigger than his ego – exactly why we love skiing with Jordy. Keep being you Jordy and we’ll keep cheering for you to get second place. Race day updates may or may not make his Instagram story.



Cover Photo by Mitch Winton of Jordy racing in the Saudan Couloir Extreme race in 2018.