Chris Dane German is a passionate skier, photographer and writer. Born in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Chris has slowly but surely been migrating west his entire life and now resides in Whistler, BC. Chris, also known as Dangerman, grew up aspiring to one day be a pro skier. He chased his dream for years but it never really came to fruition, so he made the difficult decision to hang up the skis for a few years and travel the world. In a fortunate twist of fate, before leaving on a long trip to Australia, his parents lent him their old Nikon DSLR camera. Through trial and error, he slowly but surely figured out how to operate the manual camera and managed to capture many great images of his travels. Almost two years later, upon returning to Whistler it was time to step back onto those slippery sticks and get back to the chase. After this long hiatus, the passion had been reinvigorated and Chris was back chasing his dream once again, but this time, with his trusty camera by his side. Capturing his fellow skiers, boarders and snowmobilers on their backcountry adventures has propelled Chris to where he is today.

I am thrilled to take on the role of Editor for SBC SKIER Magazine. Combining my passion for skiing with my love of photography and writing is a very exciting proposition. It was a ski magazine that started me down this path when I was thirteen. In getting the opportunity to produce SBC SKIER Magazine I hope to inspire the next generation of shredders, just as I once was. – Chris Dane German

“The whole SBC Team and I are so excited to have Chris as or our new Editor of SBC SKIER and it will be great for him to continue his journey and passion for photography and skiing. When Chris first joined us as the Director of Social Media, we knew he was the best person for this position as one of his posts hit 1.4 million views and another one hit over 1 million. Among the many who showed interest in this position it was clear with his love and passion of photography and skiing that he was the best choice.” – Jay Mandarino