SCOUT: searching for talent across the country and featuring stand out skiers one at a time. On this edition of Scout, we catch up with Megan Oldham. Small and mighty Megan’s been busy snagging podiums with her laidback style. Level headed and surfing the momentum wave Megan’s gearing up for a big season and we’re stoked to put her on your radar.


Name: Megan Oldham
Age: 18
Hometown: Parry Sound, ON
Team: Nextgen
Sponsors: Roxy, Salomon, Gates and Boards.
Best trick: Dub 10
Claim to fame: Crystal Globe winner.
Years skiing: 3 in freestyle, 12 years normally skiing.

Megan Oldham at Momentum Ski Camps, the skiing never stops for this girl.


SBC: How would you describe your signature style?
MO: I would describe my style as calm. I ride into features with an at-ease style and sometimes my coaches and parents will tell me it looks like I’m not even trying or that I’m tired but it’s kinda just the way I ride. If I come into feature super aggressive I often overthink what I’m doing and will rush my set, so riding in a gentle manner is my way of keeping myself focused on the tricks I need to lay down.

SBC: What progression have you seen in yourself?
MO: My goals for the upcoming season are to complete two nines and a 10 in a competition run. I also want to make my first X-Games appearance.
I’ve seen a lot of progression in my jumps over the past year. This year was the first time I’ve actually trained on big jumps and I was able to quickly learn how to adjust and dial in tricks. By the end of the season, I was able to complete 3 way 9s in a comp which was a big accomplishment for me.

SBC: What do you think is trending in ski culture that shouldn’t be?
MO: I would have to say that the trend of wearing gloves instead of mittens, it’s a trend that I can’t really get behind. It makes sense because it is easier to grab but for some reason I just can’t handle wearing gloves. My hands just feel altogether weird haha.

SBC: What are you crushing on your playlist?
MO: I’m typically crushing throwback pop songs. A lot of Pit Bull, Flo Rida, and Avicii. I’m also super into Shania Twain so sometimes I’ll be jamming to her albums.

Airtime or rail time, Megan Oldham’s crushing it all.

SBC: Any big injury comebacks?
MO: I have actually been super lucky injury-wise and haven’t had any severe injuries up to this point. The worst I’ve experienced so far is a couple of bruised heels. I was able to bounce back with much-needed rest, and some physio exercises.

SBC: Any thoughts for the next generation of skiers out there?
MO: If I had any advice for skiers wanting to go pro is to yes of course work and train hard but always spend days shredding with the hometown crew. For me, this is the best part of skiing. Nothing beats cruising the park with no stress or pressure with a few of your best ski pals. Also the majority of the time, these kinda days end up being the best way to learn new tricks and push each other.

SBC: How are you cross-training these days?
MO: Cross-training is pretty high intensity throughout the year. We do fitness testing at the Calgary CSI institution twice a year and I meet with a trainer twice a week and spend 2 additional days at the gym without a trainer every week. I am also a very active person so I enjoy other sports and activities like hiking, soccer, running, etc. which certainly aid in my training.

SBC: Any shout outs?
MO: Shout out to my brother who pushed me to get into freeskiing. I was always against it and thought it wasn’t a sport I would enjoy but I was completely wrong. My brother was the one who basically forced me to test it out and man am I glad he did. It’s the only reason I am where I am today.

Megan Oldham in her office, just working away.

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