You heard it correctly, snowboarding half-pipe poster boy and multi gold medal recepient Shaun White has gone all in with the creation of a professional league for both halfpipe snowboarding and skiing. The Snow League aims to bring a new approach to an often underserved part of outdooor extreme sports – the halfpipe. The new approach aims to bring a format like the popular World Surf League and Street League Skateboarding where there will be multiple standalone competitions spanning across the globe.

Noah Bowman – #1 in our hearts

Snow League Competition Format

Twenty men and sixteen women will be divided into four qualifying heats, each with a best-of-two-run format. The top qualifier from each heat will advance to the championship day. The next two best scores from each heat will compete in a “last chance qualifier” heat for the remaining four championship spots, also using a best-of-two-run format.

The championship day will feature eight men and eight women competing in a head-to-head bracket format. The riders will be seeded based on their performance from the qualifying day and will compete in quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals. To advance to the next round, each rider must win two out of three runs.

Competition and Prize Purse

The first day of competiton will be in March 2025 at a location that is to be determined. Total prize purse for the six events is a whopping $1.5 Million. The biggest purse in all of extreme sports history.

The Snow League will give riders, freeskiers, and sports fans all over the world a proper home for what I believe is the most exciting athletic competition in all of sports.” – Shaun White

For more information head over to The Snow League