Ski Movie Trialer – Why Not? By Child Labor

The Child Labor crew is a group of hungry skiers from Salt Lake City, Utah. Last winter they traveled all around northern North America, chasing snowy cities. The result? A heavy hitting full length ski film consisting of all street skiing.

Skier Seamus Flanagan Photo by DJ Brandt

Words by Garrett Whaley: “Why Not?” is a street skiing film by Child Labor. It’s our crew’s fourth consecutive full length video, and features skiing by Cal Carson, Andrew Egan, Bennie Osnow, Garrett Whaley, Sam Gnoza, Blake Rolfing, Thomas Stone, Dakota Connole, Seamus Flannagan, Joe Fusare, Zach Sturtevant, and Aj Lefebvre. The video was filmed this past winter, traveling around to cities like Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Pittsburgh, Quebec City, and more. It’s edited by Garrett Whaley and filmed by all of the skiers involved.