Golden BC, it steals our hearts all winter long with its accessibility to endless mountains and bottomless powder. Ah, drooling just thinking about it. Go figure, this town is as snow crazed as the rest of us skiers reading ski content all summer long, so crazed that they ski Mt 7 in the summer. For clarification, crazed in a good way, but we’ll let the locals do the typing the showing from here on out.

Edit by Elora Braden

MT. 7 with a Golden BC Local

“In the spring the snow on Mt. 7 melts and forms a perfect 7 (hence the name) and is the inspiration for some to summon one more ski day even though more traditional summer activities are in full swing. Ideally, one would ski the 7 on July 7th (clothing optional), but recent years of warmer temperatures and a thinner snowpack has made June 7th more realistic. Skiing the 7 is the perfect ingredient for brewing a multi-sport day combining winter and summer activities; the bike trails on Mt. 7 can replace the drive down, or perhaps one could consider paragliding down to Nicholson and then paddle the Columbia River back into Golden. The possibilities are endless.” – Colin Wallace, Tourism Golden

Banner photo by Dave Best.
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