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NAME: Tom Peiffer
GOGGLES: Smith I/O Mag

TOM IN TOM’S WORDS: “I’m a skier from Vancouver, skiing at Whistler Blackcomb. It doesn’t matter the conditions, I just love getting out there and sliding around. I just finished my rookie year on the 2019 Freeride World Tour, after starting competing in freeride competitions 8 years ago. I love exploring and getting to ride new places, whether it’s at home in beautiful B.C, or across the world.”

Full disclosure Tom gets a few perks from the Smith Optics family but his words are ones of honesty after trying many google frames and brands over his 19 years of skiing – he knows a good gogg from a bad one.

Tom Peiffer taking the Smith I/O Mags for a cat ski. Photo by Craig Barker.


“The Mag to me is a consolidation of all their (Smith’s) greatest models.” – Tom Peiffer

The best thing about the product? I love the design of the goggle, and the easy lens changes.

Best use for the product? Skier, snowboarder, monoboarder, snow bladder, sledder – really anything on snow.

Downfalls? Depending on your facial shape (if your face is really small), the frame can leave a small gap on the sides allowing some air leakage, but just tighten the goggle strap.

Don’t use in these circumstances: Personally, as an everyday rider, I don’t think I can think of a reason that I wouldn’t use the Mag (unless I forgot to hang them up the night before!). It is one of my favorite goggles in their line up, I love the way it looks and of course the quality of vision I get with it. I’ve been riding with Smith for a couple of years now and the Mag to me is a consolidation of all their greatest models. They’ve made it in mind for riders of all levels and all disciplines of skiing. Or don’t use them if you’re not on the market…they’re called the Mag for a reason 😉

Favorite feature? I love the style and clean, simple look this goggle offers.

Would you recommend? Yes, yes, and um let me think… yes!

We spy our dude Tom Peiffer on the Freeride World Tour. Photo by Jeremy Bernard.


“This goggle is great! It’s a classic Smith piece of engineering, it’s stylish, versatile, functional and of course, provides incredible visibility. The lens changes are super easy and quick which is great for a changeup on the go in variable weather days. Overall it’s a great choice of goggle for its functionality and sleek, classic look.” – Tom Peiffer

Transceivers and Magnets and Tests OH MY!

Smith Optics has run studies to test for transceiver interference with the new Mag google. Results show that due to the Rare Earth Mineral Magnets (REM) used instead of traditional Charged Aluminum Magnets there hasn’t been any supporting evidence that lenses interfere with transceiver send and search modes.

See the full specs on the Smith I/O Mags here.

Cover photo by Craig Barker.