Let’s face it,  North America has had a pretty poor November for snow. Take a look for yourself in the Resort Roll Call. Only 30% of average annual snow depths for the month of November? Yikes…

However, Across the pond, winter came just in time for SnowFest Innsbruck. Thick snowflakes provide the appropriate mystical backdrop in Tirol. The 2nd edition of SnowFest Innsbruck (November 24th – 26th) in the center of Innsbruck is successfully in the books. 


The snowboarders kick off the SnowFest weekend on Friday with the renowned Rock A Rail contest on the 37 m long, 17 m wide, and 10 m high scaffolding. Known for progressive rails and features, the revised setup ensures, as usual, creative riding in a class of its own.


On Saturday the spotlight was on the freeskiers at the DownTown StreetSki session. Among them are renowned names such as Max Moffatt (CAN) and Olympic medalist Jesper Tjäder (SWE). The mix of international riders and local jibbers ensured a high level of riding and a great atmosphere among the many spectators.

The Swedish veteran and Head Skis athlete Jesper Tjäder lands in first place with an outstanding performance all day long: “It was the most fun in a long time. It’s crazy. I love it”

Quebec City native, Olivia Asselin wins the Women’s Category

SnowFest Innsbruck 23′ Results


1.Olivia Asselin, CAN

2.Laura Wallner, AUT

3.Alia Delia Eichinger, GER


1.Jeser Tjäder, SWE

2.Ralph Welponer, ITA 

3.Matej Svancer, AUT

Best Trick – Blue Tomato Stairmaster: Matej Svancer, AUT

GoPro Creative Award: Ferdinand Dahl, NOR

Best Of Video – Downtown Streeski

Courtesy: World of Freesports

“Sessions like these bring back the true essence of the sport. The riders genuinely enjoy it, and you can witness that enthusiasm in their riding. There are no restrictions on the setup; you can do anything you want – it’s rule-free. This significantly impacts the overall atmosphere, and when coupled with the falling snow, it becomes almost picturesque. It was an absolute success!

Photo Credits:

Markus “Fischi” Fischer @fischifoto

Simon Rainer @s.p.rainer

Moritz Klee @moritz.klee