Leader of the Traveling circus and LINE team rider, Andy Parry, brought his “Tell a Friend Tour” (TAFT) North of the boarded for the second to last stop of the tour. With its stellar park and stunning city views, Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver, British Columbia was the prefect mountain to host this event.

On March 4th 2023, LINE team pros Andy Parry, L.J Strenio, and Dylan Siggers were joined by over 100 local skiers to shred Grouse Mountain. The skiers were psyched to ride the 25+ park features including a wild multi-rail challenge feature and ton of fresh pow. Despite heavy snowfall leading up to the event, the Grouse Parks crew pulled together and maintained a perfectly groomed park.

The TAFT crew crushed the Grouse terrain park. They also took time out to hang out with the Vancouver locals, snap some photos, and sneak in the occasional pow run. Some lucky skiers even got impromptu demos on next years skis. They literally took the skis right off their favorite pro’s skiers feet. What a great experience. LINE is lucky to have such rad people on their ski team to stoke out the next generation of skiers.

Dylan Siggers with next years Sakana by LINE. “Super carvy, super fun. Made with Pixy dust in the core.” -Dylan By Mike Rutter
Tell a friend tour’s IG post about the event.
Coming off the end of this rail aint easy. Mystery skier. Photo by Mike Rutter

As the ski portion of the event wound down, everyone involved headed to the lodge for pizza and more good times. The TAFT crew hooked up those in attendance with gear from sponsors like LINE, Pit Viper, Planks Clothing, Scott USA, Picture, Ski the East and Yerba Cha.

About the Tell A Friend Tour

The tell a friend tour was started by Andy Parry over a decade. Andy wanted to create an event series that travels around North America and visits ski hills big and small – especially small. In-fact, it seems like the smaller, more isolated and off the radar the better! The goal of the tour is to get kids stoked on skiing in a fun and relaxed environment. Add pro skiers and free swag into the mix and and you have a recipe for progression. Which is exactly what happened this past weekend at Grouse Mountain. The people were STOKED.

A big thank you to Andy Parry and the TAFT crew, Grouse Mountain and Grouse Parks, everyone who showed up to ride, and all the sponsors! You made this happen.

By Mike Rutter & Chris Dane German