Chase Ujejski – An up and coming Skier from Whistler, BC Canada

As time progresses the sport of free skiing is evolving at a rapid pace. The North Face continues to help up and coming skiers like Chase Ujejski shoot their shot and make their mark on the sport we love.

“It’s important to have durable gear that keeps you comfortable, dry and mobile so you can keep exploring the mountains or lapping the park all day long. The Chakal Jacket is durable and waterproof; perfect for long days on the mountain or hotlaps in the park. The Build Up Pants are lightweight which is ideal for those spring park laps” – Chase Ujejski

Getting to know Chase Ujejski

Chase Ujejski – Stoked on his North Face gear

Chase was born and raised in the coast mountains of Whistler BC. Chase and his identical twin brother, Anders, are die hard skiers who are always pushing their limits and progressing their skiing. These brothers have taken full advantage of growing up in the mountain playground that is Whistler Blackcomb.

What aspect of skiing do you specialize in?

When there’s new snow, Ill be skiing pow, otherwise I’m lapping park. More recently, I’m getting into the street stuff too.

What is the dopest thing about park skiing?

I like how there’s infinite tricks to try or different ways to hit each feature. You add your own style to it to everything you do. Trying to build off each new idea or trick makes it endlessly entertaining. 

In your opinion, what do you consider ideal skiing conditions?

Sunny park day, spring laps, pow day, It’s all good.

Are you working on any projects right now? What do you have planned for the rest of the season?

Recently finished up a super-unknown video that made semi-finals and just wrapped up filming an Intersection edit for the Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival. Got a few edits planned for spring to finish off the regular season. Anders and I are heading down to Jib League in Sugar Bowl real soon, then back to Whistler for the “Intersection” video showing/contest and “The Cut” rail jam. Then filming some park videos in Whistler to finish off the spring season.

What do you do in the off season?

I ski throughout most of the year. I’ll ski in the summer up on the Glacier in Whistler in June / July and then plan to head to AUS or NZ again this year in August / September. In October-November, I’ll just kick it, work more, and get ready for the season.

“Thank you to The North Face for supplying me with the gear I need to keep exploring the mountains and lapping the park all day long” – Chase Ujejski