Patience, I’ve been practicing it all my life, and i’ve been around a while. Perhaps not long enough to remember the ‘72 Summit Series or to name all of the Crazy Canucks, however I do reminisce about a slightly simpler time to grow up; when we owned one pair of jean shorts and went barefoot most of the summer, music was still etched on vinyl and street hockey was put on hold when your mom yelled dinner. Communication was basic. Nothing was instant, and unless you were within earshot of the dinner bell, well, dinner was missed.

My memory is skewed I’m sure, or perhaps it’s the idealist within, but I remember it like the whole world was on Island Time back then. People worked hard, very hard, but the balance of time spent between work and leisure was equal.
Now in the present, with so much knowledge abound, you’d think we’d have figured it out. Be present with everyone, put your distractions away, your dog needs this too, no texting on his time either. Time, especially shared time, be it around a campfire, in a backcountry hut, or even on a chairlift is worth a lot! Time is not infinite, so enjoy the moments in between the action, it’s how we really connect…Après counts as quality time too. A cliché about the journey, yes, however nonetheless… Enjoy the company, be patient, and listen, it’ll open up a whole new world of possibilities…or maybe you’ll just learn about a secret powder stash!

Photo by Andrew Chad

Editor’s notes taken from issue 18.2

Written by Andrew Bradley