For evidence of Tom Wallisch’s skill, one only need watch any of his
three video parts from last winter. The Pennsylvania native (who made a
recent move to Utah) is nothing less than a rail master. With a bag of
rail tricks that rivals any of the A-list pros’, it’s surprising to see
him with only bit parts, supporting a cast of skiers who can’t match
his steel prowess. Add in a decent amount of big-air moves and a
massive amount of ambition, and Wallisch is set to be more than just a
supporting cast member. He’s set to be the star.

Age: 20

Specialty: Park

Current ski area: Park City, Utah

Origins: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sponsors: Amplid, Spy, Sweet Protection, Jiberish, EC Headwear, Decade

Role models: My parents

Film parts: Realtime, Enjoy, Look It Up

Comp results: Winner, Level 1 SuperUnknown IV

Accomplices: Steve Stepp, Tom Warnick, Rich Fahey, AJ Dakoulas, 4bi9