Voices of Fear is a film that decodes unhealthy fear, working through fear, being addicted to fear and letting it fuel you in a sustainable way. Whether or not you ski in bounds, out of bounds or don’t ski at all, fear is something that we all have to work through.


Touring across the world the next Canadian stop on the tour is in fact here in Whistler. Hosted at Arc’teryx Whistler, here’s what they have to say about the upcoming event.

The Arc’teryx Whistler store is excited to host “Voices of Fear” on Thursday, March 21st. Montage Production’s film “Voices of Fear” explores extreme athletes’ relationships with fear and features over 20 athletes including big mountain extreme-skiing legend, Kristen Ulmer. Known for performing extreme feats during her professional career, including the first female ski descent of Wyoming’s Grand Teton in 1997, Kristen is now a thought leader on the topic of fear. As well as writing a book on the topic, “The Art of Fear”, Kristen now coaches others on how to feel and experience fear in a healthy way.

The evening will kick off at 5:30 pm with an optional fear workshop hosted by Kristen, followed by a screening of the film at 6:30 pm and a Q&A. With so many extreme sports available to us in Whistler, fear plays a huge role in many of our lives. Maybe you feel that fear is holding you back from reaching your goals, maybe memories of a past injury are stopping you from progressing in your chosen sport, or maybe you feel fearless in one area of your life but consumed by fear in another. We hope that this event will leave you with a new perspective on fear and provide you with some great tools to help face your challenges.


“Voices of Fear” depicts Kristen Ulmer‘s relationship with fear during her ascendancy as, by all accounts, the first female big mountain extreme skier. During her career, addiction to fear ruled her life, and the way she dealt with fear took a physical toll on her body and ultimately led to her walking away from the sport that made her famous. Still addicted, it would take several years for her to come into a healthy partnership with fear. Kristen subsequently found a more fulfilling life compared to the one previously defined by taking sketchy jumps into life-threatening and horrifying lines. Describing their personal relationship with fear, over 20 world-class athletes including Conrad Anker, Amelia Boone, Rebecca Rusch, and Jeremy Jones, illustrate the complex ways that all people relate to fear and give insight and depth to how Kristen and the rest of us relate to our lifelong companion – the primal emotion called fear.”