On Saturday April 15th 2023, over one hundred skiers, snowboarders and one sit skier prepared themselves to drop into one of the steepest marked runs in the world – the Saudan Couloir Extreme. This epic GS race starts in the high alpine, from the top of Blackcomb mountain and finishes at the Glacier Creek Lodge. I can only imagine the level of pain the racers must have been experiencing as they weaved their way down this very long and steep course. If the race was not challenging enough, competitors also had to deal with snowy, flat light conditions.

By the Numbers

  • ⦁ Total number of racers – 125
  • ⦁ Start elevation – 2184 meters
  • ⦁ Total vertical drop – 639 meters
  • ⦁ Maximum incline – 42 degrees
  • ⦁ Total course legnth – 3.3 Km
  • ⦁ Number of gates on course – 71
  • ⦁ Fastest recorded time – 02:54.3 seconds by skier Max Kirshenblatt
  • ⦁ Fresh snow that day – 10 cm


Ski Pro Women’s:
Marie-pier Prefontaine 3:07.8
Meg Cummings 3:26.4
Laura Swaffield 3:29.8

Ski Pro Men’s
Max Kirshenblatt 2:54.3
Dominic Unterberger 2:54.7
Evan Foti 2:58.7
Other categories include ski men’s 50+, ski women’s 30+, ski men’s 35-49, ski Women’s 19-29, ski men’s 19-34, snowboard women, Snowboard men. To view the full list of results check out the photos below.

Congratulations to all the racers. This is a very difficult race that only the fittest, expert skiers and boarders can even attempt. You rocked it.