Discover the Zeal Optics Haa Aaní Alliance, uniting Indigenous art by Tlingit artist Crystal Worl with outdoor gear. Shop goggles, skis, snowboards, and more adorned with her art, all contributing to salmon conservation.

Zeal Optics, in a new collaboration with partners such as Weston, Smartwool, Pret, and MountainFLOW Eco-Wax, has established the Haa Aaní Alliance. This alliance represents a unique fusion of outdoor gear and Indigenous art, with Tlingit artist Crystal Worl of Trickster Company at the helm of this artistic voyage. Together, they’re introducing a compelling collection of outdoor gear, including goggles, skis, snowboards, socks, and accessories, all adorned with Crystal Worl’s evocative artwork. However, this endeavor extends beyond aesthetics; it’s about making a positive impact. The proceeds generated from these art-infused products will be dedicated to supporting three non-profit organizations deeply committed to the conservation of salmon populations. Specifically, these organizations are the Yukon Salmon, Wild Salmon Center, and the North Atlantic Salmon Fund.

Crystal Worl (above), whose art graces the Haa Aaní Collection, eloquently captures the essence of this endeavor. She speaks of her excitement and enthusiasm for weaving her artistic expression into outdoor gear, effectively drawing attention to the inherent values and wisdom of Indigenous cultures, particularly the concept of Xâat Kusteeyí, known as the Salmon Way of Life. Her background and upbringing are deeply intertwined with fishing, providing her with valuable lessons on caring for and respecting salmon. These experiences have been the cornerstone of her deep connection with nature, as she grew up skiing and embracing the great outdoors in Alaska. For Crystal, this journey has been a profound exploration, one that enables her to live and love the land, much like her ancestors have done for generations. What’s more, she firmly believes in the transformative power of art and storytelling, which she sees as potent instruments for ushering in change and progress.

In a bid to further champion this noble cause, Zeal Optics is pledging a generous contribution of $5 from the sale of every pair of their Haa Aaní goggles. This commitment to charitable giving underscores the brand’s dedication to the preservation of these precious ecosystems.

Now, you can explore and support the Haa Aaní Collection, featuring these inspiring designs, which are currently available for Zeal’s Cloudfall and Lookout goggles. For a more in-depth look at this initiative and the products, check out

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