SCOUT: searching for talent across the country and featuring stand out skiers one at a time. On this edition of Scouted, we catch up with Annabelle Santerre. As a well rounded twenty-year-old Annabelle is competing, coaching and a student. She’s an advocate for encouraging growth and community between female skiers and putting that thought into action by hosting events in the mountains that surround her home of Quebec City.


Name: Annabelle Santerre a.k.a Scooby
Age: 20 years old
Hometown: Quebec City, Canada
Sponsors: Nikita Clothing & D-Structure
Best Trick: Baby Crutcher 270 (see video below)
Claim to Fame: Claiming to be so baggy in a contest that the animators thought I was competing in the boy’s category.
Years Skiing: 6 years

Meet our newest scout, Annabelle Santerre.


SBC: How would you describe your signature style?
AS: Funky because I try to do tricks that stand out. I used to focus on going big but now I focus more on creativity and having a great flow. I would also say that I have a friendly style of riding meaning that I love to talk in between rails with the other riders and feel the vibe. I strongly believe that every skier has their own style that you can learn from.

SBC: Goals for this season?
AS: Earlier this winter, I organized with the help of Fabian Laombert, a Girls Only Jam at Le Relais and I aim to make it a tradition. We brought more than 30 girls together to shred the park which helps grow the female community. Also, I have the goal to start exploring the backcountry side of skiing more by getting my mountaineering guide and avalanche certification this summer in Haines, Alaska.

SBC: What progression have you seen in yourself?
AS: I just came back from an ACL surgery in my left knee so this season was mostly about getting back to the level of shredding I was at before. So far, it had been a challenge but it got me working more on my style and motivated me to get more involved with coaching and organizing events.

SBC: What do you think is trending in ski culture that shouldn’t be?
AS: I find that in the competition world, we see a lot of riders doing tricks that are very straight (future spin). I feel that working on creativity, new grab combination and style makes the riders so much more unique like Giorgia Bertoncini, Jennie-lee Burmansson and Max Moffat for example.

Annabelle Santerre at Mont Sainte Anne. Photo by Abby Cooper.

SBC: What are you crushing on your playlist?
AS: While I am riding, I mostly listen to my old iPod Nano. I can’t synchronize it anymore so I am stuck with my secondary 1 playlist but I am still enjoying those weird punk rock songs!

SBC: How do you balance being a student, working retail, coaching, and skiing for fun?
AS: My bosses are skiers and snowboarders by passion and career, which makes them understand fully my situation as a student and skier. They let me take time off to seek new opportunities in skiing and for studying. Also, most of my schooling is done online which allows me to take time to ride the slopes with my friends.

SBC: Any thoughts for the aspiring female skiers out there?
AS: The passion for the sport is what will bring your riding to the next level and makes you find your own style. The spirit of freeskiing is based on cheering on others and sharing awesome days with your best buds. Just have fun, send it and get corked girls!

SBC: How are you cross training these days?
AS: Unfortunately, I don’t take the time to train as much as I should. I play in a recreational basketball team at university which is good for my cardio. Also, I do bike and stretching 3 times a week to train my knees since my taring my ACL.

SBC: Any shout outs?
AS: Shout out to the D-Structure family for all the new opportunities, Sorbet family & friends for being the nicest ski buds and my brother Christophe for being a role model with his incredible resilience and peace of mind.

Thanks Mont Sainte Anne for putting this rad lady on our radar!

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