The ski community recently lost a legend. Dave Treadway passed away in a fatal crevasse fall in the Pemberton BC backcountry on April 15th, 2019. Rattled at the loss of such an icon, the ski media family has submitted photos, videos and words to pay tribute to Dave.


We can’t even begin to wrap our heads around the loss that Tessa, Kasper, Raffi and the rest of the Treadway family must be feeling right now. On the outside of the imidate family, we’re all searching for that “how to help” answer and the best thing to do right now is to check out the GoFundMe page for Dave Treadway. This will help Tessa and the kids attempt to find a new normal without their beloved Dave. If you’re wondering, yes $10 at a time makes a big difference. Ditch the beer or coffee today and put it towards the Treadway’s future.


Dave Treadway skiing above the clouds in Golden BC. Photo by Abby Cooper.

“With wet eyes and a broken heart, I reflect on my memories of Dave Treadway. Known by many as a beautiful and accomplished skier, Dave’s impact and legacy undoubtedly goes far beyond the ski community. A thoughtful parent, a caring husband, a loving son, a playful brother, a cool uncle and to many, an inspirational friend. Every word and action from Dave was heartfelt. He was grounded in his family, his beliefs and in the mountains. His pure intentions for living the best life possible made every interaction with Dave memorable and genuine. You could feel Dave’s energy through his calm demeanor, see it in his big grin and hear it in his animated voice – there was no mirage, Dave was always Dave – authentically real and sincerely happy. Even if you only experienced Dave’s presence through videos and photos, his strong spirit was completely contagious no matter how you knew him.”

“Dave Treadway was a personal friend and mentor, not just in the backcountry but through life. He lived with grace, prioritizing what was big-picture-important seemed to come naturally for him. He made everyone around him feel important, like they had a voice that mattered. He was the heartbeat that pumped our Canadian ski cultures blood and the inspirational voice for active families across the globe. You will be missed and never forgotten Dave. Thoughts and love to the Tessa and the fam xo.” – Abby Cooper


Thoughts, photos, videos from those that worked with Dave to create memories professionally with him over the years. An archive of Dave Treadway love.

Photos by Bruno Long.

“Dave was one of my favorite people to work with. He worked as hard as any skier and knew exactly how to work it for the lens. But that wasn’t why I loved working with him. Getting the call to shoot with Dave almost always meant I could hang out with him and the family for a few days, which I enjoyed even more than capturing great images. Lunches with Kasper and Raffi, playing games and getting into trouble, while Tessa kept everyone in line (including Dave) with tender loving care, are the moments that I will always remember. I feel very fortunate to have shared many special moments with the Treadway and I count them amongst my favorite people on the planet.”

“These two images are from what Dave described as a ‘Can’t Miss’ day of shooting in the early season at Kicking Horse a few years back. 90 cms of blower powder with just the two of us skiing around the entire mountain. A day for the ages and one I won’t soon forget.” – Bruno Long


Dave Treadway by Vince Shuley
Photo of Tessa and Dave Treadway by Vince Shuley

“I shot with Dave and Tessa when I was covering the behind the scenes of Zoya Lynch’s team for the Deep Winter Photo Challenge in 2016. The word I would use to describe Dave is humble. Humble about his skiing. Humble about his faith. It was inspiring meeting someone so comfortable with themselves and where they are in the world.” – Vince Shuley

That grin we love. Photo by Kyle Hamilton
Photo by Kyle Hamilton
Ladies first on a ski date with Tessa. Photo by Kyle Hamilton
Dave in his element. Photo by Kyle Hamilton.

“Dave may be most widely known for his ski career, and being the youngest of the Treadway clan, but, what struck me most about him when I first met him was his devotion to his family and his faith. He was the type of guy that you spent a day with, and you felt you knew him your whole life. I will never forget sitting in a hot tub with him in Northern BC and we started sharing our experiences as new dads. Kasper was a little over 18 months old, and my daughter just under a year. The way he spoke of his devotion to his wife, son and his faith was unlike anything I’d ever heard before. He inspired me to seek out new ways to see the world, and live my life; as an individual, and as a father and husband. He didn’t aspire to be rich, famous, or really anything materialistic, but rather, to spend as much time with his family as he possibly could. The tragedy of him leaving us so soon… I know Dave’s faith has taken him to a better place, but, we will all miss him, especially his family. Much love, and condolences, to Tessa, Kasper, Raffi, and baby on the way.” – Kyle Hamilton

Photo by Kate Ediger

“Dave was a man of perpetual stoke, a zeal for life that everyone could see and feel.  He was so creative in the way he wanted to share that beautiful part of living with his family.  I was always in awe with his energy for his family and the things he loved.  It shows now in his two boys who have that same drive inside.  This legendary man will live on in all of us as we mourn the loss of such a human.” – Kate Ediger

Dave Treadway skiing at Monashee Powder Cats. Photo by Grant Gunderson.
Dave Treadway jumping off the Malibu Club roof. Photo by Grant Gunderson.
Dave Treadway indulging in apres ski shenanigans at Snowwater Heli. Photo by Grant Gunderson.

RIP Dave Treadway. You’re love for life, adventure and spirit will always be missed and the could not have asked for a better father. I count my self blessed for all of the trips we got to do over the years. It’s tough to make sense of us losing you so I’ll have to default to trusting you’re faith in a high being and that you’re in a better place.” – Grant Gunderson 


Dave Treadway at Sol Mountain Lodge. Photo by Steve Shannon.
Dave Treadway at Sol Mountain Lodge. Photo by Steve Shannon.

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Male Wellness Week at Sol Mountain Lodge”]

“I didn’t know Dave extremely well, but that’s the thing about him, is he made time for everyone and left a huge impression on all of those fortunate enough to spend time with him. I first met Dave up at Selkirk Snowcat Skiing in 2013 I think. I was blown away how humble he was, especially considering his accomplishments.  We ended up bullshitting around the fireplace and he gave me some great advice about my photography career that still drives me to this day. I was lucky enough to spend a week with Dave and some friends up at Sol at the beginning of last season, in what we dubbed the inaugural Male Wellness Week. The skiing was subpar due to some warm weather, so instead, we pulled out the little skidoo tundra, built a terrain park and were doing sled tow-ins all afternoon. The week was also filled with good food and great talks around the lodge, along with some fun skiing. The camaraderie made it one of the most memorable trips I’ve had.”

“I think Dave is an inspiration and role model to all of us.  He lived more in his 34 years on earth than most do in a lifetime. His adventurous spirit and ability in the mountains is something we can all strive for. The amazing thing about him though, is while he went on many adventures and had a successful career, that didn’t seem like his driving force. Though I haven’t met his family, the way he talked about his wife and kids showed me those are what truly mattered to him, and is a lesson to all of us pursuing this lifestyle. My heart breaks for his family in this difficult time, and I hope the whole community can band together to support them in his absence. Dave made a big impression on my life, one I won’t be forgetting. Godspeed.” – Steve Shannon
The Treadway Family by Mattias Fredriksson.
Dave Treadway captured by Mattias Fredriksson.

“Dave was such a character. I will always remember his massive grin, his never-ending positive attitude and his love for the mountains and his beautiful little family. He will always be with us.” – Mattias Fredriksson

Family by Zoya Lynch
Family Matters by Zoya Lynch

“Dave will forever be remembered as an incredible skier, but I will always remember him as deeply committed father and husband. He designed his life in a way that he got to spend almost every single day playing and exploring with his wife and kids. It breaks my heart to know that his boys will grow up without him around, but I feel comfort in knowing that the unique memories they created will shape them into amazing humans.” – Zoya Lynch


“Dave had the most welcoming smile in the mountains” – Chris Wheeler

Here’s Dave running some freeskiing clinics at Whitewater’s Coldsmoke Festival in Feb 2018. Photo by Steve Ogle.

“I thought I had the whole family skiing lifestyle thing dialed until I ran into the Treadway’s. Which was often— their rig was often parked at our local hill’s lot. I really admired his style.” – Steve Ogle

Dave Treadway a top Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden BC. Photo by Abby Cooper.

“I was fortunate to have worked with Dave and Tessa on several projects over the years, but the moments that I remember the most were the casual meeting around town. Whether it was at the Base of Kicking Horse or in front of the post office Dave always had a smile on his face and time for a quick chat. The outpouring of support and dedications to Dave is just a small sample of the number of people he made an impact on. My heart goes out to his family and friends.” – Andy Brown


“We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have built a relationship with Dave and his family over the years. It is with a heavy heart that we pay our respects to arguably, the kindest soul in the ski community. Tessa, Kasper and Raffi, our thoughts are with you and we hope to be able to support you for many years to come.” – Revelstoke Mountain Resort


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