Happy International Women’s Day! Today, we celebrate the fearless and awe-inspiring women who carve their own paths down the slopes. From breaking boundaries to shattering stereotypes, these remarkable skiers embody strength, grace, and resilience.


To celebrate such an important day, we would like to share a ski film that we have been extremely stoked on at the SKIER office.

CONTINUUM invites viewers to ponder a profound question: if our jackets could speak, what stories would they tell? This thought-provoking film follows six remarkable winter sports athletes as they embark on an epic journey, carrying with them Arc’teryx repurposed shelters into the unforgiving elements. Serving as both protection and a gathering place, these shelters become symbols of connection and unity among like-minded mountain enthusiasts.


What sets CONTINUUM apart is its all-female cast, a deliberate choice made not for tokenism but because of the incredible talent and community among these athletesIn a departure from the days of one token female in ski or snowboarding videos, Arc’teryx athletes emphasize that gender was never a factor in their collaboration. Instead, they simply sought to create a film with those they love to ride with, resulting in an extraordinary crew of female athletes united by their passion for the mountains.


Professional skier Michelle Parker has some insane clips in the movie, but what’s more impressive is that she also is the mastermind behind the whole project. That’s right, Michelle is not only a star athlete in CONTINUUM but also the director. At its core, CONTINUUM is a celebration of female sportsmanship, resilience, and unity. Through breathtaking cinematography and powerful storytelling, viewers are invited to witness the strength and camaraderie shared among these remarkable women, both on and off the mountains. Expect a full interview with Michelle in the fall issue of SKIER Magazine


Here’s to the women who conquer mountains, both literally and figuratively, inspiring us all to reach greater heights. Cheers to the trailblazers, the champions, and the unsung heroes of the slopes. Happy International Women’s Day from SKIER Magazine