Picture this, you just put down your credit card after spending an ungodly amount of money to break the bonds of your hometown ski resort to travel to a world-renowned ski destination. What does your packing list look like? You want to make the most of this opportunity and bring gear you are comfortable and confident in. Wait to put that credit card away, you need to be prepared. 

We made a comprehensive list of things that are essential to have on your vacation to a powder destination, be it a ski resort, cat-skiing operation, or heliskiing trip.

Blizzard Rustler 11

You 100% want to be on your favorite skis on a trip, whether it is to a big mountain resort or a powder operation, being comfortable on your boards is a must. If you want more “float” you can always borrow a pair of fattys! The Rustler 11 is the perfect balance of stiffness and playfulness for any resort and or powder operation

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Elan Voyager

When the snow gods aren’t delivering, the Elan Voyager is a great tool to have in your travel ski bag. These babies will carve up any groomer and also you can fold them in (near) half, saving you precious space in your ski bag. 

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Tecnica Cochise 130 DYN GW

For over a decade now, the Cochise franchise has continuously raised the bar in the hybrid ski boot category. Bringing Tecnica’s proven fit-and-performance-above-all ethos to the walking world, the Cochise 130 is a full-gas 4-buckle alpine boot combined with the versatility and walkability of a touring boot. 

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Scott Proguide SRS Poles

The Proguide SRS Poles have a robust, length-adjustable alu shaft, equipped with safety straps and a long, comfortable foam grip for side-hilling. These poles are the perfect blend of lightweight and durable. 

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Rab Khroma Latok GTX Jacket

Built to explore the backcountry, the Khroma Latok GTX Jacket is made with two weights of GORE-TEX Pro Most Breathable to balance protection, weight, and breathability. Heavier duty across the shoulders and outer sleeves, the jacket withstands any scrapes against rock and ice and the abrasion from ropes, or the straps of a fully loaded pack.

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Rab Khroma GTX Pant

Gotta match! Designed with enhanced articulation, the Khroma GTX Pants offer complete freedom of movement on deep while also regulating your temperature with their excellent breathability. Plus, you can also dump heat through the zipped thigh vents. The hem is adjustable with a stretchy internal gaiter to seal out the snow and with reinforced external kicker patches they avoid slashes from sharp ski edges or helicopter running board

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Mountain Hardware First Tracks Down Jacket

When hot laps and groomers are calling your name, this all-mountain First Tracks Down Jacket is ready to rock wherever you ride. All the technical bells and whistles—seals out snow and wind, jacket-to-pant connector, lightweight down insulation, and so forth make this jacket perfect for cold days on the resort.

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Scott Patrol Ultralight E2 25 Pack

If you go to a cat/heli-ski operation, chances are they will give you an avalanche bag to use. We would recommend using your own avalanche bag that you have practiced with in the past so if there is a “worst-case scenario” you are using gear that you are dialed on. This Scott Avalanche bag is the best we have tried this season.

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Mountain Hardware Gnarwhal 25L Pack

When you’re somewhere in between all-day skinning for a peak summit and joyriding lifts because you just want to experience it all, strap into the Gnarwhal 25L—the perfect pack for sidecountry and frontcountry ski days with a little resort time sprinkle.

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Kombi Freefall Glove

Made entirely of premium leather with a workman-inspired design featuring next-generation insulation, these are Kombi’s warmest gloves, which are perfect for cold days on the resort and for heli-skiing.

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Mountain Hardware Explorer Fleece Half Zip

The Explore Fleece Half Zip is a reliable and versatile waffle-textured pullover with a soft brushed interior for everyday warmth and comfort. This fleece would be perfect for a mid-layer or a cozy sweater for sitting around the fire at a lodge. 

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Icebreaker Oasis 2000 Merino Baselayers Mens/Womens

Ideally, you want to pack a single set of baselayers on a ski trip. Having a good baselayer is important to stay dry and stench-free. This set of Icebreaker Baselayers (top and bottom) is perfect. Your lodge-mates will thank you. 

Check out the baselayers in both men’s and women’s here

Burton 4 Wheel Double Deck 86L Travel Bag

Gear hauling made easy. When your travel plans call for packing a little of everything, the Burton 4 Wheel Double Deck 86L Travel Bag swallows a lot of gear and makes for easy rolling between destinations. Its 50/50 split design makes finding what you need easy, while compression straps help reign in the inevitable overstuffed load

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Yeti Panga Duffel 100L

This bag is perfect for keeping your essential gear (think socks and boots) dry. Submersible and waterproof, the Yeti Panga is ideal for any situation where there could be water involved. Guess what? Snow is frozen water… 

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Hydro Flask 24 oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle with Flex Straw Cap

Non-beer hydration is also important when on a ski trip. The Hydro Flask 24oz Wide Mouth water bottle with the leakproof Flex Straw Cap is what you want—easy to fill, easy to drink. Open it up, add your ice, and flip to sip. The insulated stainless steel keeps it cold for up to 24 hours.

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Merrel Hut Moc 2 Packable

Super-light, ultra-comfy, and made for the ultimate convenience: the Hut Moc 2 Packable features a nylon ripstop quilted upper and a full zipper around so you can zip the pair together and hang them anywhere with the removable carabiner. These are perfect for hanging out at the backcountry lodge or cabin and they score bonus points for travel ability.

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If you haven’t surmised, the common theme here is to bring gear you are confident and comfortable with. All of these suggestions would be great to bring on a trip but make sure that you use the gear and get acquainted with it before you decide to take it with you. We have seen too many people have to skip ski days because their boots weren’t broken in. Not a good look, but we will happily take your helicopter seat if you can’t make it 😉