It’s that time, you know the one when we get super stoked because there is a NEW PRINT SBC SKIER! Shred duo Dave Treadway and Blake Jorgenson are no strangers when it comes to nailing the shot, #dreamteam if you will. We are honored to host one of Blakes fine images on our newest cover. We just had to know how he cooked up this capture, so we caught up with Blake in between shoots and storms.


Raised in Hamilton and Toronto, Ontario, Blake Jorgenson headed west to Whistler, B.C. in 1993 at the age of 18 in search of adventure. Now in his thirties, he has won several prestigious industry awards, including the Pro Photographer Showdown at Whistler’s World Ski and Snowboard Festival and Powder Magazine’s Photo of the Year. Powder and Skier magazines currently recognize him as a senior photographer and his work is sought by heavyweight advertising clients such as Rossignol, Helly Hansen, Oakley, Salomon, Red Bull, and Nike.

SBC Skier cover shot by Blake Jorgenson


Location: Pemberton BC

When: Mid April

SBC: Relationship with the skier?
“I have been shooting with Dave Treadway for probably 10 years now.” – Blake Jorgenson

SBC: New zone or known zone?
“This was a new zone for me but one that Dave knows quite well.” – Blake Jorgenson


SBC: What was it about setting up for this shot that just called out to you?
“This shot was unusual as its hard to find something that steep that has an opposing angle without being in a helicopter. That’s what first drew me to it. Dave nailed it first try.” – Blake Jorgenson

SBC: Did you get any good turns in?
“Lots of great skiing to be had that day. I love being able to ski and shoot. It inspires me.” – Blake Jorgenson

SBC: Did your camera manage to get any face shots?
“Bit far away on this one to get any face shots in the camera.” – Blake Jorgenson


SBC: Memorable moments?
“I originally shot this form the other side a few times and realized it was not working and then sledded around to the other side and instantly say that that was the shot. I had Dave do it again from the other angle and you have the shot you see before you. You have to trust your gut. I knew there was an amazing shot to be had at that shot but it was not obvious at first.” – Blake Jorgenson

SBC: How long did you put off editing your files?
“I was pretty excited by these shots and edited them right away.” – Blake Jorgenson


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