Talented, grateful, and you guessed it – 19 years old. Cole Richardson coming at us with a hefty young gun edit despite the season being a short one. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!


9INETEEN is the first video part I have ever actually released and it consists of all my best footage filmed over the past two seasons. A lot of the footage in the video is from the Quiksilver young guns competition in Revelstoke as well as a trip I went on with Head skis to Mt.Baker during the 2019 season. The rest of the video was filmed with close friends this past season near Revelstoke and Lake Louise. I had been sitting on the footage for a long time waiting to put something together but wanted to get some more clips to try and add some more variety to the project. I was aiming to spend another week or two in Revelstoke and then head to Whistler for the rest of the season to film, but after the first day of filming in Revy the hills shut down and Covid-19 put an end to the season. I was pretty bummed to not be able to get all the footage I was hoping for but with everything on lockdown, we decided to start putting the project together. I spent about a month with my two best friends editing all the footage together through zoom while sharing our screens with each other due to COVID preventing us from actually getting together. The project was dropped on May 1st which is my 19th birthday, and with COVID-19 going on we figured 9INETEEN was a pretty fitting title for the video. I’ve been so grateful for everyone who has been gassing the video and trying to help me promote it.

Is it legit if there isn’t a poster? 9INETEEN.

 And a little about me, I’m 19 years old and I’m a big mountain skier from Canmore, Alberta. I’ve been skiing since I was two years old. I grew up ski racing, then spent some time competing in slopestyle, and now I’m focusing on the media side of the industry trying to become a professional big mountain skier. I’m sponsored by Head, Quiksilver, and Giro Snow.

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