We’ve seen his edits “Dave’s Truck” and it’s about time formally meet Thomas Rozsypalek. Thomas is an incredible skier with a big heart, ambition, and no stranger to adventure. Here’s Thomas’s story.


Thomas Rozsypalek is an up and coming big mountain skier born raised in Pemberton, BC. Mentored by the late Dave Treadway through his teens and into adulthood. It’s no surprise that, unlike most 22-year-old skiers, he spends his time chasing alpine lines and adventure. First recognized for his El Nino 2016 edit in the Teton Gravity Grom contest. Since then, Thomas has been releasing season edit after season edit of monster airs, big alpine lines and those oh so sweet BC pillows.

Thomas captured by by Martin Lentz


It’s a 1992 Dodge W-250. Dave saw it and left a note on the truck saying he was interested in buying it. The guy called Dave and sold him the truck. Dave built the truck up to his needs – a lifted first-gen Dodge, capable of going up any logging road and carrying the toys to make it to the alpine. Shortly after Thomas lost his dad, Dave taught him how to drive manual in the first-gen. Six months after Dave’s passing, Tessa decided to sell the truck. Thomas (who was still at work in the Yukon) received countless messages about the truck being for sale and bought it instantly. 

The beauty “Dave’s Truck” ready for adventure.


I like to keep things simple. The goal was to explore new mountains on my skis and snowmobile while creating exciting content and sharing the experience with some rad friends. The main goal was and always is adventure for me.

This truck is super reliable, I’ve only put 9000km on it. I did have to reinforce the frame and do a wheel bearing though. I’ve had countless people come up to me in ski resort parking lots in BC who recognize the truck. Sharing some stories and occasionally taking some photos has been pretty sweet. Keep doing that, it’s rad!

One memory of the truck, and probably my favourite from last year, was watching Tim, Dave’s dad, take the truck for a spin and roll coal with the turbo whistling. A close second was driving Kasper (Dave’s son) home after some indoor climbing. I hit the pedal to make the turbo whistle and he immediately grinned from ear to ear and said “That was awesome.”

What was your best snow of the season?
Golden, BC with Tim Grey. Boy oh boy did we get it good. Waist deep blower pow and stable in the alpine. That was an awesome trip. Thanks Tim.

Any upcoming plans? 
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have plans. The budget is pretty tight this year due to COVID but I do have something in the works. Make sure you follow along for what’s to come! I can tell you this though, I’ll be driving the truck with a sled on the back and plan on skiing a lot.

Dave’s Truck” edit here.
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