Dave’s Truck: Episode Two

Thomas Rozsypalek had a special relationship with Dave Treadway. Like all of Dave’s friendships, they were unique and meaningful. Thomas bought Dave’s old truck after his passing and has been keeping Dave’s legacy alive one truck adventure at a time, and as a ski community, we thank him for sharing his experiences.


After filming the first episode in Golden, BC; I continued to Nelson, BC. I competed in the first-ever invite-only Freeride competition held at Whitewater Mountain Resort. I, unfortunately, I crashed in between my top 2 airs. I returned to my home in Pemberton, BC to film more for this project. After crashing in the backcountry and tweaking my ankle I rested for a week while the snow reset. Before I could get back into the alpine to film more for episode 2 the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Doctors urging everyone to stay home and not venture into the mountains. Having said that, 2 days of footage ended up being more than enough for another episode of Dave’s Truck. Enjoy as self-isolation hits us all.

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