Uvic Snow is the University of Victoria ski club. It serves as a social hub for expert and beginner skiers alike. As an entirely student-run club, it prioritizes fostering a tight-knit community vibe and camaraderie between its members. While it definitely isn’t the largest club in British Columbia, Uvic Snow sure knows how to bring the stoke!

University of Victoria ski club - Your ticket to pow town this semester

Pre Season Sender

The University of Victoria ski club wastes no time setting the tone for an unforgettable season. The “Pre-Season Sender,” a themed keg party, kicks off the season in style. Imagine skiers and boarders dressed to the nines in retro gear, mingling and celebrating the imminent arrival of fresh powder. This event acts as a magnet, drawing snow enthusiasts from all backgrounds together to forge new friendships and revel in shared stoke for the coming season.

Events put on by Uvic Snow

Uvic is unique compared to Ski clubs at other universities. This is due primarily to the campus’ location on Vancouver Island. An area known for its sparse snowfall and mild winters. However, the club’s spirit isn’t dampened by the three hours between the closest resort and Uvic’s campus. Throughout the year, the club organizes a diverse range of activities, not all of which are snow-related. The first of these events is an all-levels skate sesh, making the most of the pre-winter pavement. The club invites shredders of all skill levels to hang out at a local skatepark, even providing extra boards for those without their own.

The year’s first Board Meeting is next on the season’s to-do list. The term “board meeting” may conjure images of business discussions, but Uvic Snow and Uvic Surf have redefined its meaning. Instead transforming it into a themed night of pure fun, excitement, and celebration. The board meeting brings together members from both clubs at a local venue, providing the perfect backdrop for an evening filled with live bands and good vibes. With winter right around the corner and stoke level is high.

Typical Outings with the University of Victoria ski club

Our first few trips of the season in January and early February are day trips to our semi-local mountain, Mt. Washington. Located three hours up island, it is the club’s most accessible destination. Skiers of all ability levels are welcome to join the fun. Uvic Snow organizes a bus charter from campus and student-priced tickets for those who choose to attend, as well as discounted rental prices if needed. Our season’s big trip follows suit, offering students an opportunity to spend four days at the legendary Big White Ski Resort near Kelowna, BC. Of Course the skiing is great, but the karaoke may be even better.

As the season draws to a close, Uvic Snow ensures it ends with a bang, organizing a final board meeting, once again at a local Victoria venue complete with live music and a silent raffle and one last Mount Washington ski trip and allowing members to squeeze out every last drop of excitement before bidding farewell to another incredible season.

Join the Uvic Snow Club

If you’re a skier or snowboarder interested in attending the University of Victoria and are skeptical about moving to an island known for its snowless winters, rest assured Uvic Snow is there to ensure you get the most out of your season.

Article written by Andres Insley Photos by Andres Insley