Kimbo Sessions is the brain child of professional skier Kim Boberg. Every May roughly 50 of the most progressive skiers in the world unite in Kläppen, Sweden to push their boundaries in a unique snowpark, and celebrate the final days of another wonderful season” – Tall T Dan. Check out the the exclusive SKIER interview with Kim Boberg and Tall T Dan, as well as the video recap – created by Björn Eklund, down below.

Birds eye view - Kimbo sessions 2023
Kim Boberg, FinnBilous and Par Hagglund scoping the 2023 Kimbo Sessions park. Photo by Daniel Ronnback.

“On our second day in the park there was not a single feature or inch of a feature that didn’t have a track in it, from left to right, the whole way down to the bottom, and to me that made my heart warm!” – Kim Boberg

SBC SKIER sat down with the mastermind behind the event – Kim Boberg (KB) and Kimbo Sessions content coordinator – Tall T Dan (TTD), to learn more about this tremendous event.

What is Kimbo Sessions and where does the name come from?

KB: The name came around year 2 of the session, a good friend of mine, Freddie Funhouse, then working for Monster showed up right after he started the job and wanted to see what I was doing in Kläppen. He understood the idea/concept and loved it from day one and basically said we need a name for this, its going to be ”Kimbo Sessions”. I was not about it at all but since all I wanted was to build and ski so I didn’t care much about it then, and there it was Kimbo Sessions was born. Random but it worked out good I believe.

Where is the event held?

KB: Kläppen, Sweden. My home-resort, family owned. Park driven from day one. It has been Sweden’s top park for as long as I can remember and the perfect venue to create an energy where everyone can watch each other and get inspired. I have always loved that about Kläppen and it has played a big role in my life as a skier.

Kim Boberg crushing at his custom park at his event - Kimbe Sessions 2023
Kim Boberg floating over a classic Kimbo “Roller” Photo by Daniel Ronnback

Every year the course at Kimbo Sessions pushes the boundaries of snowpark design. Who designs the park and who builds the park?

KB: I usually have some main ideas/features in my head and then its bouncing ideas back and forth with the cat drivers I have been working with, good energy is key. A lot of it is freestyle on sight which I think is the best way. As soon as you start pushing for a feature a new transition/transfer pops up in my mind and how you can link that with something else etc etc. The main goal this year was that every single inch should be skiable.  On our second day in the park there was not a single feature or inch of a feature that didn’t have a track in it, from left to right, the whole way down to the bottom, and to me that made my heart warm!

Kimbo Sessions 2023 Mastermind and master builder
Creative mastermind and master builder – Snowpark Consulting

What is the purpose of Kimbo sessions? Is there a winner?

TTD: The purpose is pure enjoyment. Skiers from different realms come together for a no pressure event after many months of battling street spots, chasing World Cup podiums, or a bit of both and anything in between. Kimbo Sessions is an opportunity for some of the world’s most talented skiers reunite, push their boundaries in a unique park, and celebrate the final days of another wonderful season. Each year a Rider of the Week named based on a vote from everyone in attendance.

“When ever I see a straight cut edges in snowparks it gives me a bit of anxiety, most of the time that only takes away from from possibilities to ride a feature.” – Kim

Who are a few skiers who really stood out this year?

TTD: Each moment of each day a different skier shines. The biggest impression in 2023 was left by “Rider of the Week” Vilmer Ivarsson. Close contenders for that title included Mac Forehand, Olivia Asselin, and Max Moffat. Personally I was really enjoying the skiing from Magnus Graner, Rell Harwood, Finn Bilous, and Harald Hellström. There are 40 or 50 other skiers that were incredible as well. It’s Kimbo Sessions, what can I say?!

Filmed and edited by Bjorn Eklund

Intro and Interview by Chris German