Video Created by Editor – Chris Dane German

The Marker Confidant helmet has all the features you want in a snow sports helmet at a price that cannot be beat.  With a full retail price of at $159.99 the Confidant is a really good deal considering all of the features that this helmet delivers. SKIER considers this helmet to be the new industry benchmark for brain buckets at this price point.

Features of the Marker Confidant Helmet

  • The Marker Confidant helmet is equipped with Mips.  This patented safety system allows for multi-directional movement in the event of a crash.  This system is intended to reduce rotational force to the head in a crash and to Protect ya neck.
  • In-Mold Shell Construction helps to Maintain high levels of protection while cutting back on weight. Perfect for recreational skiers and boarders
  • Polycarbonate lower rim for extra protection in the event of a side impact. This also protects the helmet against dings and dents during transport or daily usage. 
  • 360 degree fit – Adjust the circumference of the helmet using the wheel at the back.
  • Removable SoGnar Earpads keep your ears warm without squishing them.  These cleverly designed ear pads are hollowed out inside taking the pressure off your ears.  This is also perfect for those of us who use earbuds while skiing.
  • X-Dry performance liner is moisture wicking, removable and washable.
  • Air jam climate control allows for regulation of the air flow using a waterproof, folding interior lining.  Open or close up the vent holes by folding the interior liner 
  • Sleek design – not too bulky
  • Offered in a wide range of colour options
  • Compatibility with marker goggles like the Squadron make for a slick looking head gear set up

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