After a 5-year hiatus the Revelstoke Mountain Resorts (RMR) rail jam series is back. Locals and tourists alike are STOKED to watch skiers and snowboarders duke it out to find out who are the top dogs.

In the age of “Powder Panic”, over-crowded resorts & “Getting the shot for the ‘Gram”, the opportunities to foster that element of community within the local ski culture is few and far between. Sure there are a few movie premieres and trade-shows in the Fall, but other than the occasional run-in at the top of a drop-in or in the lift-line, it feels like there aren’t many opportunities to interact with like-minded people. Rail jams are exactly the kind of opportune events we seek as a community of riders to come together, throw down, cheer on, and raise the stoke.

Pushing ones limits and progression are a couple results of events like this. The camaraderie amongst everyone in attendance is unbelievable. The crowds are crazed, lining the bank of Turtle Creek & filling the base area. The riders have been utterly ridiculous, rallying hard together, battling it out, challenging one another at each event for the top spot on the podium.

Recap of the December and January Event

We’ve seen high-flying maneuvers like the famed Double-Backie launched off of the ‘toblerone’ at the first jam on the evening of December 28th. We have also witnessed the “Spin-to-Win” approach demonstrated best by Jérémy Gangé. Lacing an 810 onto the down-bar, along with the top step of the podium also on Dec 28th.

As the announcer of the rail jams my favorite trick goes to Freeride Coach & RMR Snow Cat Operator Jaeden Schnieder-Clark (JD$C). His Switch 3 – Sw 50-50 was sick. However, our Ski Judges awarded Best Trick that night to Nicholas Suchy for his 2 onto the down-bar – front swap – front 2 out.

Recap of the February Event

In February, yet again my vote and the Judge’s went to JD$C. He and Cole Isfan went trick-for-trick in dramatic fashion battling it out for the top spot. Major shout out to Cole for taking a heavy slam and walking away.

Sliding steel is an art form and few people can do it like Jaeden. JD$C once again took the top spot. Lauren Taffe showed up for the Women and pushed her own progression on the Pole-Jam-Down-Flat-Down also taking  a 2nd victory in a row.

Each month RMR’s Park Crew digs in a new set of features for the riders to go to rumble on in Turtle Creek, lending to a wild and wide variety of styles and approaches. 

The Final Rail Jam of the Season – March 24th

A new fleet of Arena Snowparks professionally built rails has really added to the stoke and and anticipation of this final event. These dozen or so new features will bring a major facelift and usher in a new era for the Terrain Park at Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

Registration for the next ‘Rumble in Turtle Creek” is day-of Friday, March 24th: 3:30-4:30pm in Guest Services. Entry is $20 & the events are 19+ only built with L & XL features. Helmets are Mandatory. 

Hope you can make it! See you there! 

Podium Results so Far

Congratulations to the Winners of the 3 previous ‘Rumbles’ in all Categories:

December 28, 2022January 28, 2023February 28, 2023 
Mens Ski: 1st – Jérémy Gagné 2nd – Jaeden Schnieder-Clark (JD$C) 3rd – Cole Isfan Biggest Bail: Linus HagestamMens Ski:1st – Jaeden Schnieder-Clark (JD$C)2nd – Nicholas Suchy 3rd – Cole IsfanMens Ski:1st – Jaeden Schnieder-Clark (JD$C)2nd – Cole Isfan 3rd – Leif Bertelsen
Mens Board:1st – Guillaume Fortin2nd – Alexis Morin3rd – Benoit PageauWomens Ski:1st – Lauren Taaffe2nd – Dallas Haley3rd – Amy StennerWomens Ski:1st – Lauren Taaffe2nd – Amy Stenner
Womens Board:1st – Turbo Bambi 2nd – Tina Steen3rd – Helen MitsoglouMens Board:1st – Guillaume Fortin2nd – Nicholas Houle3rd – Isaiah KnightlySendy – Spirit Award: Adam LiebsMens Board:1st – Guillaume Fortin2nd – Robin Brezovsky3rd – Vincent Bérubé
Womens Board:1st – Siobhan Coughlan2nd – Caroline Bourgie3rd – Tina Steen 



Event sponsors include: Somewon Collective, Revelstoke Credit Union, Warner Rentals, Powerade, R-Gear @ RMR, some swag provided by Board Butter Glide Wax and support from The Revelstoke Snowboard Club

Many Thanks as well to our Judges: Francis Courtois, Kelly Denisun, Mike Graves & Karl Jost. Events Coordinator: Kate Roberts, RMR Patrol, Park Crew (major S/O Simon Delisle), Grooming/Slopes Staff & all the Volunteers keeping the spectators warm serving up free Hot Chocolate! 

Rail Jam dates: Dec. 28, Jan. 28, Feb. 28 & Mar. 24 2022/23

Written by: Garfield Gibson

Photos: Hywel Williams 

Video: Tom Poole