Kye Shapes by Kye Petersen

“Kye’s shaping yesterday’s lessons into his skis today so that tomorrow sees a whole new level of progression. The process  is creating a new future for the sport, one that’s built on a solid foundation of the past.”


Kye Petersen putting in the creative hours behind Kye Shapes. Photo by Blake Jorgenson

Under the mentorship of Johnny “Foon” Chilton, pro skier Kye Petersen has started his own line up of skis hand pressed in Pemberton BC. “Johnny has mentored Kye throughout the whole process and is bringing a lifetime of ski building experience to this new endeavor. Johnny was a good friend and ski partner of Kye’s dad Trevor, who died in an avalanche in 1996. Now that partnership has been passed through the generations and lives on in the mountains and in the workshop.”

“We want to keep the Foon brand as it always was: a really homegrown brand and take Kye Shapes and branch out from that,” says Kye of the working relationship. “We’ll have the same ethics, but we want to reach a larger audience.”

Starting off with two models, one slightly more mysterious than the other has us all on edge to see these pieces of art in play. Right now you can pre-order for next season and upon doing so you’ll be entered to win a heli-skiing or cat-skiing trip and more. Check out “win a heli trip” for details.

With Kyes reputation as a pro skier that pushes the limits in all aspects of skiing, it’s not surprising that he would want to create a cutting edge ski that will continue to push other skiers and the industry as a whole. He’s always been about innovation on and off the slopes, this seems like the natural progression for a man with some much under his belt already. Congrats on the accomplishment Kye – we can’t wait to see Kye Shapes on the slopes.

In Pemberton this week? Swing by the FACTORY LAUNCH PARTY to celebrate with the team! Check out Kye Petersen’s “Skier of the Year” segment here to see what inspired the Numinous ski design.